Happy Solstice!

Bet you slept through it, eh.

The daylight is the shortest.

The sun has its lowest arc in the sky.

And soon the days will get longer.
Nah, I am always aware of these things. Prepare for the day of average coldest temperature in a week or so. Then the temperatures will begin to warm again and the storms will come.
And so the earth is reborn.
And we all have to get our fiscal houses in order and relight the fires of commerce anew.

Happy Solstice one and all, Gods not smileing on Nova Scotia today, he's unhappy with us, we're bad people full of sin and gin.
Sorry I missed this one; Not Dec.21st, not this year at least. Always look forward to it, go out and spend some time talking with my canoe. "Won't be long now. Just a few more months."

Happy "Festivus" for the "restofus"
Hey, that means we are less than three months to the Equinox and Spring is on the way......Gotta be optimistic about these things.

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