Personal decisions! Don't you love them?

I say, "I don't want a drivers license!"

They say, "You had one before!"

I say, "So what?"

They say, "Well, you must want one or you wouldn't have had one before."

I say, "I don't want one. That's my decision. Too bad for you!"

Yes, we are free to make our own decisions. We don't have to explain why we've made them and we are under no obligation to reconsider. I, for example, do not want to be a priest. I don't have to explain why, and I don't have to reconsider. And the fact that I went to Catholic schools as a child does not mean in anyway that I have a leaning toward the Catholic faith or an interest in becoming a Catholic priest.

What I hate most is when people that don't even know you try to tell you that you're wrong. I had that happen to me once. I had people that didn't even know me tell me that I was in love with a girl. How outrageous! And if I had had a competent lawyer and a prepared defense, the accuser's testimony would have been ripped to shreds and fed to the fishes.

Personal decisions! I make mine! Who makes yours?