If you could be a Jim...

This is sort of a how much wood would a woodchuck chuck kind of question... Meaning there is no right or wrong answer. Here goes...

If you could be a Jim, any Jim, living or dead, real or fiction, which Jim would you be?

Personally, I'm having a difficult time convincing myself that I want to be a Jim. Yet somehow, there are those among you who seem to believe that I want to be a Jim. I'm not naming any names, Jim.

Anyway, if I could be a Jim, I would want to be one of the following Jims:

(In no particular order)

1 - Captain Jim Kirk of the Starship Enterprise
2 - Jim Morrison, formerly of The Doors.
3 - Jim Belushi

Now that I think about it, there aren't many special Jims in this world. Two of the three Jims I have listed are dead. The third is a fictional character.
Jim Beam!
I can't think of many people named Jim.

Jim Carrey
Jimmy Johnson
Jim Zorn
Jim Smith
When I saw the title I immediately thought "James Douglas Morrison". Funny you should mention him. I wish I could sing. And to be a poet....
just for a little adventure, I would be:

another adventurer (but this time, a real one) was Jim Bowie:

However, I would have passed up the Alamo.

I still remember the old song:

Adventurous man
Bowie, Jim Bowie ---
He roamed the wilderness unafraid
From Natchez to Rio Grande
With all the might of his gleaming blade
He fought for the rights of man.

Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie
He was a bold adventurous man
Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie
Battled for rights with a powerful hand.
His blade was tempered and so was he
Indestructible steal was he.

Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie!
He was a fighter, a fearless, a mighty adventurous man!!

Jim Dandy?

Slim Jim?

sorry, that's all I've got... I've used up my allotment of intelligent thought for the day.
Dexter Sinister
I'd rather be who I am, it makes me happy. And my first name is *not* Jim. I have a brother-in-law named Jim and I think his life sucks, though he seems to enjoy it. He's a federal circuit court judge, making more money than I ever dreamed of, around $250K a year, but he's at home only about 25% of the time and actually has to maintain two homes, one in Ottawa where all federal judges have to live in some official sense, and one where his wife and family live, which eats up a substantial fraction of that $250K and he's financially really no better off than I am. There's nobody I've ever heard of named Jim that I'd like to be.
I am happy being Vereya
Jimmy Jazz...J-a-zed-zed.

This is a Jim Dandy of a thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmoyerView Post


This is a Jim Dandy of a thread.

Yumpin Yim-inny datsa fer shur eh!

Hmmm, you people are either too young to remember John Belushi or you don't watch very much television. Jim Belushi is alive. It's John Belushi that is dead. Hasn't anyone hear ever seen the Blues Brothers? John Belushi and that Canadian... What's his name? John Candy? lmfao!

According to Jim!!! Jim Belushi, I believe stars in that sitcom.

Oh, and it's Dan Rather that starred opposite John Belushi in Blues Brothers. Not John Candy, duh!

Geez, get with it people!
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Oh, and it's Dan Rather that starred opposite John Belushi in Blues Brothers. Not John Candy, duh!

Geez, get with it people!

Actually, it's Dan Ackroyd, not Dan Rather. Dan Rather is a news anchorman
Ha ha, it was Dan Ackroyd and Jim Cronkite.

Jimmy Durante..hot cha cha cha cha.
Jim Jimminy
Jim Jimminy
Jim Jimminy Charooo

Jim -miny Cricket too
Hello ?

Jim nasium.
Jimmy the window jimmy the door we'll lift the fridge and the TV round four.
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