The Sweet Seduction of Itchy Butt

The look on the cats face is sooo funny.... (external - login to view)
Ive heard somewhere that scratching a cat there turns it on. Still doesn't really account for this particular cat's reaction
lone wolf
That's where Tommy tickles awright ... but she's a drama queen!

I'd always thought it was a spot that most cats simply can't reach for themselves same for dogs.
cats can reach any area they like. they use their mouths, and bite if it's particularly itchy
yeah... if someone was tickling my erogenous zone like that, I'd probably look confused too.

One friend here has a cat who yowls like mad begging to be beaten there. A few vigorous pats, and she does the infamous elevator butt, and groans ecstatically. It's hilarious, until you realize you're essentially substituting for a tom.
cat anus always makes me feel frisky

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