Children's camp TV characters

Children's camp TV characters

The Sun

HARRY Potter author J K Rowling has caused huge controversy by OUTING Hogwarts head Albus Dumbledore as GAY.

In the top-selling books, the headmaster of fictional Hogwarts School was said to have fallen for a fellow wizard as a young man.

But asked by a fan in New York if Dumbledore had ever been in love, the mega-rich author replied: “I have always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” But homosexuality is nothing new in the world of children’s entertainment. Authors, TV writers and cartoonists have always used camp characters to entertain kids.

Turn away now if you don’t want to shatter the innocence of childhood — because here we bring the gay kids’ characters out of the closet.

WAYLON from The Simpsons, must be the most “out” cartoon character of all.

He loves hanging out with all the boys at an all-male dance club, and then there’s his collection of girls’ dolls . . .

He often declares his love for Mr Burns – even enjoying a daydream about his ancient boss jumping out of a giant cake, dressed in nothing but a sash, to sing him Happy Birthday.

A PURPLE dancing blob never seen without the latest handbag – presumably used to carry his lipstick and copy of Heat mag.

Tinky Winky has even come under fire from religious groups. US minister, Rev Jerry Falwell, said role modelling the gay lifestyle damages “the moral lives of children”. Eh-oh

THIS camp rabbit is too fond of wearing drag to be straight.

And then he stands hand-on-hips munching on a carrot . . .

And being an old-fashioned bigot like Elmer Fudd gets you nowhere. Except a big kiss on the lips at the end of the show from the gay rabbit and a “What’s up, Doc?”

LET’S look at the facts: He minces around. He loves a Martini. He smokes a cigarillo, with holder. He loves the attention of a man in uniform, Inspector Clouseau. And he’s pink.

Not convinced? In 1991 MGM studios won an injunction stopping a gay rights group from calling themselves the Pink Panther Patrol.

And according to the Urban Dictionary, a Pink Panther is someone who acts gay to pull women

AGAIN, colour is the giveaway here. Despite his manly name, talking hippo George is pale pink.

George shot to stardom in the 1980s in ITV’s Rainbow, which would often finish with three male characters – George, Bungle and Zippy – climbing into bed together.

An explicit episode of Rainbow can be found on YouTube, where the characters discuss playing with each others’ “twangers” and “plucking all night”.
Hey Bert and Ernie were living together on Sesame Street for years before any of these so called new age gay caballeros came along. Well maybe not Bugs but he was all hot for some hunny named Bunny in a number of episodes so he must be bi-sexual then.
bugs sure did have a lot of love to give.

campness and outright gayness do seem to be pretty prevalent in children's tv. why is that, i wonder?
lone wolf
Was it Ernie or Bert who died with AIDS?
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

Was it Ernie or Bert who died with AIDS?

Wasn't it a ratings thing? I thought Ernie went on to sell Amway and Bert hit to booze hard and ended up on skid row.
Bert moved in with Oscar. I hear he's not so grouchy anymore.

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