Halloween Fireworks - good or bad?

Our city council banned fireworks this year after two serious fireworks-related injuries last year in our community.

Anyone else living in a community with banned fireworks? Do you think fireworks should or shouldn't be banned?
Nope, not banned here. I say fire away. I love them.
Just the Facts
Fireworks on Halloween? I didn't know that was a thing. Banning eggs, I can see that.
I didn't realize that anyone did fireworks on Hallowe'en either. Do the children still go trick or treating then?
They are talking about it everywhere I think. Mostly stupid kids of any age, pointing them at each other and at things that don't need fire in any form around them like gas tanks and houses.

I think Fireworks are great fun to watch but it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the lot.
in the UK we have a celebration on november 5th which is known as fireworks night by some. the debate rages but in essence I think it will always go on despite the scared pets and the ocassional injured child. Mostly what comes from it is a lot of beauty, a lot of fun, and a lesson in safety for the kids.
Most fireworks are not allowed here in the city and the only displays we have are the officially sponsored ones.
Certain types are banned in Surrey, not that you'd know that come halloween night.

We also have Diwali beginning of Nov celebrated here. LOTS of fireworks happening!

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