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Hello Everyone!!

I am desparately seeking someone who is very knowledgable to the education in Ontario for Special Needs. I am fairly new to Canada from the South and I admit I am gravely lost with how things are done and the terms when dealing with schools here and your children.

I am at the mercy of the public school in my area with this and I feel they take this somewhat to their advantage. I have a 5 yr old who is Autistic with Anxiety and is labeled High Risk due to his constant need for 1 to 1 adult supervision. In other words he is highly NO FEAR!

Is there a forum, someone anyone who can take time to help me deal with the educational process when the school is not really too informative. This is his second year there, they know darn well what he is and is not capable of doing. At the beginning of the year this year they ordered babygates for the doors cause of him, they are suppose to have a security hands on approach for him which I have seen more faults in than good. They put him on early release to avoid the meltdowns. They asked me to give a note to the Dr to have a letter head drawn up stating his concerns - which he easily did. This is not the only medical letter they have. He has ran off the playground to the woods. He is a danger to himself due to this and of course a danger to his peers because the teacher left the kids alone while running after him. They point fingers to the board saying I need to get an EA for him now (which has been my goal all along) but the board pointed me back to them. Now they are more in tune with teaching me the process of getting adult supervision and they have known this since Sept 2006. He had EA support last year with ease.

I do not know what my rights really are as a parent when I have met all the needs I can but keep hitting brick walls. I am STILL asking for the IEP which has yet to be started. School board has blown smoke up my *** and does not return calls - its nearly the end of Oct and I am no where near getting him what he needs/deserves to make his education all it can be.

There is no speech in place and wont be for 2-3 years they said though he is delayed.

I am seeking information, help or just a slap upside the head in the right direction.

Oh my goodness. I wish I could tell you where to even start.

My best guess would be to call your local health nurses, to refer you to the appropriate agencies. Family and Community Services can also probably steer you in the right direction, but, being in Alberta I don't know what the right name would be for the department there.

I'll snoop around a bit, and post any links I might be able to find.

Take care!
www.autismontario.com/client/...e?OpenDocument (external - login to view)

lots of info at this link.
an open letter to the "autism community" LINK (external - login to view)
Autism connects (external - login to view)
ontario ADULT autism (external - login to view)... might be no good for you yet, but everyone's an adult eventually, right?
There's a great organization I just found for my son called Aisling.
www.aislingdiscoveries.on.ca/ (external - login to view)
You need to contact your School Trustee and your Member of Parliament. Make certain you have a good paper trail and do not use words like ***, even if they are deserved. Keep track of all contacts and all dates.

You need to set up an appointment with the director of the Board as well. You have tried to meet with the Superintendents so now go to the top. Threaten to go to the newspaper if you are refused.

The IEP should have been finished by the end of September, Thanksgiving at the very, very latest. No excuse for it not being finished now. That needs to be reported...to the Trustee and the Director.

I don't like to make trouble for a teacher...but when the job isn't being done, then steps need to be taken. As for not having an EA, the teacher should never have taken the class outside without another adult along for your child. Very bad planning.

Regarding speech, that's pretty much the case all over. What I suggest is to get him on the list and then ask for exercises that you can do at home with him. Explain that you want to keep him as up to date as if he was actually seeing someone and that you are prepared to work with him. The exercises are more like fun than work so you should be ok.

Might I ask with which Board you are dealing?

You might also be eligible for respite services although I really am not sure about that. You need to check that out with your doctor or the trustee, etc. Here is a link that you might find helpful. www.respiteservices.com/ (external - login to view)
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