Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Vatican says yes

With Guy Fawkes Night approaching in Britain (November 5th) it's appropriate to have a bonfire-related story

Is this Pope John Paul II waving from beyond the grave? Vatican says yes

15th October 2007
Daily Mail

This fiery figure in the flames is being hailed as the latest miracle of Pope John Paul II.

The image - which is said by many to be that of the late Holy Father with his right hand raised in a blessing - appeared during a commemoration ceremony to mark his death.

Details of the figure in the flames first appeared today on the Vatican News Service - a TV station which specialises in religious news broadcasts.

Holy Smoke! This fiery figure in the flames is being hailed as the latest miracle of Pope John Paul II

Vatican News Service director father Jarek Cielecki, a Polish priest and close friend of the late Pope John Paul II, described the event after attending a service at Beskid Zywiecki, close to the Holy Father's birtplace at Wadowice near Katowice in southern Poland.

The pictures were broadcast continuously on Italian TV and also posted on religious websites as well as webistes for Italian newspapers with a link to the Polish religious website (external - login to view).

But by midday the site had crashed as thousands of people logged on the link to see for themselves the eerie figure which had been formed by the flames of a bonfire.

The service had taken place on April 2  two years to the date of Pope John Paul's death - close to a religious shrine and had been attended by hundreds of people.

Polish camera men Gregorz Lukasik, took the photographs on a brand new camera and once he displayed them on his computer and saw the image he immediately contacted Father Cielecki.

Lukasik said: "I had only just bought the camera and I was taking some pictures of the event to commemorate the death of Pope John Paul II.

"I took several pictures and at the time didn't think anything of them It ws only afterwards when I got home and looked at the pictures that I realised I had something.

"I showed them to my brother and sister and they like me were convinced the flames had formed the image of Pope John Paul II, there is a tongue of flame to one side, which resembles his right arm raised as if giving a blessing.

"I was so happy with the picture that I showed it to our local bishop who said that Pope John Paul had made many pilgrimages during his life and he was still making them in death."

Today Father Cielecki said: "You can see the image of a person in the flames and I think it is the servant of God, Pope John Paul II."
Dreadful Nonsense
I'm a non practising Catholic...Hell i've said enough about the religion to go to hell and be excommunicated enough times to be in the guinnes book....But This man was truly a great man....he brought down communism, freed Poland...brought the ailing church to a saner position...and inspired people not even catholic...non catholics dug on the dude and that is no easy feat unless he was the real deal....saint...dunno about these things...
the fire...dunno...i can dig it....but then yer reading Doc.....wink
It's a fire. If it spontaneously appeared from nothing, it would be a miracle.
Here's another one for good know the bible story....the burning bush....


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