Man suffers world record hangover after drinking 60 pints in four days

The world record for the longest hangover has, inevitably considering how much alcohol we drink, gone to a British man.

The man from Glasgow suffered a hangover lasting four weeks having drinking SIXTY pints (35 litres) in four days.

Britain is the binge-drinking capital of the world...

World record hangover
September 28, 2007

Sixty pints of beer lead to 4 weeks of hangover misery, a record in binge beer drinking history

UK - Scottish doctors have diagnosed what may be the longest hangover .. in the history of binge beer drinking.

A 37-year old man admitted himself into a hospital emergency room in Glasgow last October .. complaining of wavy vision and a non-stop headache lasting four weeks.

British journal The Lancet reports doctors were initially stumped by the symptoms .. because the patient had no history of head injury or loss of consciousness .. and was taking no medication.

But when an eye specialist was called in .. it was found the man had developed a rare condition caused by severe dehydration.

It was revealed he'd consumed 60 pints .. or roughly 35 litres of beer over a four day period .. following a domestic crisis.

After more than six months of long-term blood-thinning treatment .. the man's vision was restored to normal and the headache was finally gone.
Aw, that's a record that must make mom proud hey?
#3 this a record (or a group statistic!) to be proud of (in general-I had not seen your post prior to posting mine and am not suggesting you support this behavior)? I used to have an online friendship with a guy from Britain. It amazed me how much he drank and I told him so. He said it was average for that culture.

I find even Canadians drink more than Im used to seeing in my culture.
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Dreadful Nonsense
Britain are wimps when it comes to drinking...hell i could polish off a 24 in the span of 12 hours and then find more.....hell i binged way more than for longer and when retired to water only felt off for half a day....

Britain ..bunch of tea totlers....their young can't handle a pint either...
but they do produce great hips on their women...British thighs are the best...the thigh gene is their best quality
lone wolf
Is that in Guinnes' too? Sheesh, that's a record onlt a masochist would want to beat. Any takers?

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Is that in Guinnes' too? Sheesh, that's a record onlt a masochist would want to beat. Any takers?


6 Guiness causes me to hurt the next day, can't imagine drinking 60 of those.

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