Restoration of Vulcan bomber

Any airshow fans out there?

A British group has been restoring a Vulcan bomber for quite some time and they are almost ready for the test flight. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal, but we are talking about a four engined, near sonic, jet bomber. At Abbotsford where it visited often, it was called "the aluminum overcast" (external - login to view)
I've seen one of those buggers fly. Scary as all hell.
Specifications Avro Vulcan B.Mk.1 Role: Long range strategic medium bomber Crew: 5 Dimensions: Length 97 ft 1 in (29.59 m); Height 26 ft 6 in (7.95 m); Wing Span 99 ft 0 in (30.18 m); Wing Area 3554.0 sq ft (330.18 sq m) Engine(s): Four Bristol Olympus 101 turbojets of 11,000 lb (4990 kg) st, or Olympus 102 of 12,000 lb (5443 kg) st or Olympus 104 of 13,000 lb (6078 kg) st. Weights: Empty (including crew) 83,573 lb (37,144 kgs); Maximum Take-off 170,000 lb (77,111 kg) Performance: Maximum level speed Mach 0.95 (625 mph, 1006 kph) at 39,375 ft (12,000 m); Cruising speed Mach 0.92 (607 mph, 977 kph) at 50,000 ft (15,241 m); Service ceiling 55,000 ft (16,765 m); Range 3000 mls (4,830 km). Armament: No defensive guns. Conventional or free-fall nuclear bomb-load carried internally. Maximum bomb-load 21,000 lb (9,526 kg).
ah, a bomber...I kept reading the title as Restoration of Vulcan Rubber.
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