Childhood TV memories

Get Smart
Land of the Giants
The Galloping Gourmet
don't forget Beverly Hillbillies!
What???? No one mentioned the Kids of Degrassi Street?? The Electric Company? You Can't do that on Television?

Who mentioned Quincey? I used to watch that with my grandmother. I loved that show. Charlie's Angles, Rockford files and Columbo were all favs of mine when I was little. I guess I was really into detective shows.

I must admit to loving the Beach Combers too.
El Barto
get smart yes...
the man from uncle
the fugitive
gun smoke
kung fu
Dreadful Nonsense
Kung friend and i were heavily into the reruns...he tried to get his older sister into it...she couldn't and did not get it....

she said lol.....the guy just wants water and has no need for money....

it was so true....people would offer him money and he would say"I have no need for money"

if he was in a bar all he wanted was water...or like a dog for some water...

do you remeber when they chained him to Pontoon...some neanderthal ....

my friend nicknamed me pontoon for years...then the nick became..."don't call me halal"....LOL don't ask...Hi is Don't call me halal there....
Dreadful Nonsense
get smart was the best!!! he heh heh....
Durka would get this one"Not the Craw.It's the Craw"
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Some standouts: Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd doing The Barber of Seville and Wagner's Ring Cycle in 3 minutes...

The original producer of that stuff, Friz Freleng, was an opera buff and frequently used operatic scores as background music, if not the actual subject, as in the Barber of Seville. Those cartoons were my introduction to opera, and there are still musical passages I cannot hear without thinking of those cartoons and laughing. I doubt I could sit through a real performance of The Barber of Seville without behaving inappropriately in an opera house.

LOL Dexter, I remember having extremely violent laugh attacks from watching the Barber of Seville with Bugs and Elmer Fudd... Bugs bunny massaging Elmer's bald head to the rhythm of the music was just too much to bear for me... Me and my siblings would simply become hysterical with laughter...
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get smart was the best!!! he heh heh....
Durka would get this one"Not the Craw.It's the Craw"

haha haha Roflmao yes that was too much.
And the dailing shoe phone hahahahaha
Good ol' game shows like Match Game. Hilarious. And the original Hollywood Squares. Just like a Dean Martin Roast. Oh hell, that was even pretty good when I see them now.
Banana Splits, The Monkeys, Romper Room, Wild Wild West in my youngest days. Always wanted to watch Peyton Place and Dark Shadows but my mom wouldn't let me.
Dreadful Nonsense
In montreal we had two local guys...One Magic Tom and the other Johnny Jellybean...Johhnny Jellybean Ted Ziggler went on to the Carol Burnet show....

At lunch time when i came home from schooll johhny jellybean would shut down the Jelly bean factory for all us Jellybeaners and have lunch with us....same old gags every week....if he had tapioca you would here tap shoes....jello this real weird thing.....

he had this thing called the squak box hanging from the ceiling and when it would go off...Real bad music...he would bash it to death....everyday....

we sent away for a string to tape to tv and then sit as far it would go for safe tv viewing...and ya got a jelly bean hat...basically a beannie with what looked like a silly putty egg ...on top of the hat....

got i'm bored...anywone else want to kill me for wasting theri time
Dreadful Nonsense
odd i googled johnny jellybean and a guy in same costume came up from the states (external - login to view)
My first memory of television was about three days of my sisters screaming about The Beatles were coming and going to be on television

Woo hoo.... I sat there entranced while that sad man Sullivan announced their arrival....

It was a buncha guy with weird hair.... so much for sisters knowing everything!!! They weren't even dressed in costumes...
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Johnny Quest and Space Ghost. No kidding Space Ghost is back with a talk show. I got the same Sunday night programming that most have mentioned. Sullivan when I was young, and Rat Patrol. Then as I grew older and we got another tv, Captain Kangaroo before school. I remember Sesame Street when they were just starting out. I was a little old for that and the novelty wore off pretty quick. Mostly there wasn't much time for tv though. Back when kids could play outside without armed escort.
Dreadful Nonsense
ah johnny quest.....too cool...hey muz's dog is named bandit right?
Don Messer's Jubilee. Man oh man!
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This is currently in reruns on Space Station.

It is also out in a box set of DVDs (which I have)
Awesome set.
lone wolf
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Don Messer's Jubilee. Man oh man!

Flashback moment.... The world had to stop so my grandfather could have his Don Messer fix....

Anyone remember My Mother the Car? Mr Ed? My Favourite Martain? ... or watch Penny grow up in Lost in Space?

Warning, warning Will Robinson...
The precursor to CC....
one more
Dreadful Nonsense
Tommy hunter
Gilligans Island
Buck Rogers
Battlestar Galictica
Star Trek
Scobby Doo
Warner Bros
Captain Caveman
Haunted House of Frankestein
Tom and Jerry
Lost in space
Great space coaster (Gary Gnu)
Go bots
Thunder cats
El Barto
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aw man has anyone seen a dvd box set of this. Man it was also for adults too with subtle jokes if i recall.
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