Angus Reid Forum Member?

Anyone here a member? Opinions?

Lengthy Questionaire to sign up. Sounds like up to 5 survey questions per week. Pay you for information-keep it, give to Charity, bank for GKids education-whatever.
I found the site, but it looks like you have to register even to just view the site. Is there a way in to see what's what before you register?
I was a member,maybe still am one, but haven't been asked to do a survey since I refused to bring my grandchildren online to do one for them. the only financial incentive offered to me was the chance of winning a 500 dollar prize once a month.
I'm not a member but do appreciate their surveys which reveal how unpopular is Bush's treasonous war on Iraq. I have used the info gleaned from its surveys on antiwar threads throughout the Internet much to the frustration of the prowar America haters.

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