Creepy place

Was just organizing some photos for my report on the investigation at Waverly Hills Sanitorium (Louisville, KY) and thought you guys might like these:

When was it closed?
It was closed in 1961, quarantined and remodeled, opened the next year as a nursing home, then was shut down by the state in 1980 due to abuse of patients.

Was it a TB sanitarium or a mental facility do you know?

I have read that the old TB places were a nightmare and those people weren't insane so they had to be separated from their families and know what was going on without any medication to dull the horror...

Medicine was pretty barbaric from the looks of that place... I've seen photos of cleaner prisons...even that horrible old Alcatraz didn't appear to be that bad.
TB. 60,000+ died here. They did things like remove ribs and puncture lungs. It was pretty horrible by today's standards but was the top of the line in health care at the time.
Amazing! This immediately reminded me of Kienholz: (external - login to view)

His ''State Hospital'' is considered one of modern art's greatest classics.
That's disturbing art. Sheesh!
Is there ghost?
Amazing! I thought that such decrepit buildings only exist in Russia. The second picture has a specially "Russian" look.
Phil B
There are a selection of abandoned buildings/Institutions in the uk on the following link (external - login to view)
Another dark spot full of creepy. Sing Sing (external - login to view)

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