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heeheehee... she is so cute Hermann! She looks a lot like you. What a lucky dad.
much congratulations, I am also the parent of four daughters, and seven grandchildren, so there are many memories, wouldn't have missed it for the world.

But I might add ------- don't want to do it again--------
Congratulations Herm.

Its awesome being a father.

Life will never be the same for you now. It will be better.
Congratulations. Enjoy that moment of pride and bliss. Before you know it, it will be a faded memory shadowed by staying up all night and poopy diapers.

Character building is always fondly remembered after a few years and best whilst watching someone else get their turn. heh heh

Life's grand parade.


video of the little one.

She's so lovely. She has piano-player's fingers i think. And monkey toes
What an adorable little one Hermann.
Congratulations Hermann... It's heart-warming to know you are a new-born father...

By the common sense that comes out of your posts, I have no doubt you will be an outstanding father...
Welcome to the world Amelia!!!!!!!!

Hermann, you have just entered the best phase of your life...the journey of life truely begins now. Congratulations!!!!!
Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! Your life definitely changes forever at this point, but the journey is so worth it!
Oh man, a hiccup is a big deal when you're new. Hey get one of a fart. They are the funniest, to see a little wee one rip one out.
hahahaha I know what you mean. Don't think ive got any videos of that but she can fart like a tropper that's for sure. She's also a mistress of the almost magical poop-that-doesn't-touch-the-sides
Congratulation, Hermann! I was away for two weeks, so I've just read your news, and I am so glad for you! A baby is a wonder, and she is so pretty! My congratulations!
Oh Hermann, your daughter is so tiny and so beautiful! Congratulations to you and your wife! Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures and video.

Question: Is that actually your baby raising her head in the other video? My gosh, she is certainly strong if it is.
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she is actually raising her head. She can do it better than that now, too... she's 10 days old today and she's been able to do it since birth. She can do ALL of the things they're supposed to be able to do at one month old. We put her on her front earlier and she damn nearly turned herself over, and even made crawling motions (although it didn't get her anywhere).

I could burst with pride... or more appropriately admiration

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