Kid Sings Sir Mix-alot over Walmart Speaker

too funny. This kid sings "I like big butts" over the walmart intercom and gets kicked out of the store (external - login to view)
That is my favourite song of all time.
If they played that at Wal-Mart I might just go there.
Dreadful Nonsense
True tale...
"83...doc arrives off go bus in Hamilton to visit GF.
Doc sees unmanned ole fashioned mike and cord...
Doc proceeds to use mike and cord.
"Attention Attention..Their are KGB agents all over the for your lives. I repeat KGB agents are here and you need to get out"

nothing happpened one cared not even security....
total dissapointment ..never liked hamilton...

maybe they is just way ahead in some weird way and we don't know it...
Doc, the people probably had no idea who or what the KGB are, let alone understand the need for fear.
Twila Loved that story - love the kid too (budding rock star)!

I am smitten over creative kids who can get away with insane pranks against adults who seem paralyzed about what to do hahaha....

I had a kid in the community centre who never intended to grow up - he is probably still terrorizing adults now as a grown up - and could even have kids just like him (I hope so)..... he insisted his name was Mulberry Bush and I never did find out his name.... his membership card had that name proudly written on it... He pulled more pranks than any one kid should know how to commit....and
I especially loved it when he put one over on the big boss - the director of the place....who was so
uptight I could never figure out why he worked with kids...

Perhaps these days an adult 'Mulberry' dropped the 'Bush' part of the

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