I give up! I mean it this time!

Short version:

For those who have been wondering where I've been this past week:

1. Infected cat bite on left hand.
2. Two new kittens...Old cat can't stand them....will have to return them...when?...damn, they're soooooo cute.
3. Worked to the bone on the weekend...left knee is up like a balloon. Kittens seem to think left leg is the string to the balloon and have caught it several times while I'm resting since I cannot move that leg. BTW, baby kitten claws do leave lots of marks!!!!!!
4. I'm on the 3rd day of a 3 day migraine.
5. I'm out of my really strong pain killers...the narcotic ones!...and I don't see the doctor until tomorrow.
6. I broke my baby toe on the left foot...natch...yesterday...very bad break since it involved a spot where some bone had been removed previously. We were at the hospital until 2:15 this morning, I'm in an air cast and I have to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon next week so he will hopefully tell me that it doesn't have to be operated on. Anyone taking bets here?

Oh, and btw, had to wear shorts to the hospital since I couldn't get jeans over the toe. My left leg looked like I had gone crazy with a razor...yeah, remember the kittens?

Jeeeze...I hope you're on the front end of Karma and not reaping the back end!

Just hold on, Daisy! There's always sun behind the clouds. And something really good is very often preceded by really hard times.
Pet problems?

I'll give you the same advice I gave my daughter and friend when they moved to a pet-free place.......and they owned two rats and two cats.

Put all pets in the same wooden crate.

Close lid.

Return in one hour.

Shoot survivors.

Saves on ammo.

She got REALLY pissed. Instead found "foster homes". For rats. (retch)
Gee Colpy, that's sweet.

Nothing personal, but as soon as I read "cat" I stopped feeling sorry for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by BitWhysView Post

Nothing personal, but as soon as I read "cat" I stopped feeling sorry for you.

*sigh* The kittens have left the building.

Actually, we have taken them back to the people from whence they came. Mind you, we had to do it one kitten at a time since we only had one "cage". You'll be happy to know that Lou's hand has stopped bleeding and is bandaged. Since I am used to handling kittens, I only received minor wounds.

Sugar is wearing a cheshire cat grin as much as is 'felinely' possibly.

What doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger!
Dreadful Nonsense
Wow Sandy just read her first whole thread....i know this sounds awful...but she was loling at reading ya daisy..hugely.

Not at you... sort of with you in support if ya can dig that......she can relate!
she won't get why i am replying like this....so she is not reading it....
You have a comical way of laying us onto your pain......

Hey sweetie and Mrs. sweetie...you have to laugh. My gosh, why do you think I take so many anti-depressants?

Seriously, this stuff does get me down at times but then i have to look at it and laugh. Hell, if I didn't laugh, I'd be in Hell.

Don't know if you were around the Vine when I was in the hospital bed (with what everyone thought was a heart attack but turned out to be my hiatal hernia acting up) next to bed of the drug dealer who had tried to run a police blockade, but last night I was telling that story to block my pain. Everyone was in stitches...well, not literally since we were still waiting to see the doctor...but if you were around at that time, you might recall that the undercover cop was absolutely gorgeous and everyone was laughing hearing how all the nurses in the hospital were making excuses to come to our room to see this cop. My gosh, I have never had such great service as that night once I was in that room. Gee, if you don't know that story, remind me to tell you the full thing some time.

Then there was the little girl who was so good there last night and meanwhile, we were all there for about 6 hours ...some even more. I had a little Avon Breast Cancer Awareness mirror case with pen and pink paper pad on me so I asked Lou to see if her grandfather would mind if we gave it to her. She later drew me a beautiful little picture and gave it to me which helped because it turned out...wouldn't you know it...that Lou had gone to the drug store to get a prescription (at my urging) before it closed at midnight.

I should have known that as soon as he was gone, they would come for me...and they did...so the picture helped...sort of. I'm sure everyone thought I was a huge sissy for a broken toe so I did mention to a couple of them that I also have a broken rib from 2 weeks ago when I fell at the Lennon/McCartney tribute.

Anyways, gotta laugh...how else can I let people know how crazy I really am?
Dreadful Nonsense
I would love the drug dealer story...nope did not see it
Won't do it tonight...going to bed soon. I have several places to go tomorrow which I really don't want to do but plans and appointments were made before I broke my toe and I would like to get them out of the way.

I promise I will write that story though 'cause I think several people here might get a chuckle out of it. I'll start a new thread and call it something stupid like "My Evening with a Drug Dealer" or something really hokey so you will know that's the one. (Personally, I would rather it be entitled "My Evening With the Most Gorgeous Undercover Cop in the World" but it has been at least 30 years since I would even be in the competition. I'll have to stick with the drug dealer. *sigh*
Dreadful Nonsense
Quote: Originally Posted by daisygirlView Post

(Personally, I would rather it be entitled "My Evening With the Most Gorgeous Undercover Cop in the World" but it has been at least 30 years since I would even be in the competition. I'll have to stick with the drug dealer. *sigh*

LOL!!!!!!too funny....

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