Are Crows fair game?

you're right that it looks like a warbler, but i can't pin down an ID. the closest thing in my book is a wilson's warbler but they don't have such a dark mask and they have orange legs.

do you mind if I post the picture in another forum for ID?
Sure Hermann no problem, I'm curious too. The site I nabbed that pic from had quite a few varieties of Warblers, the one I posted looked the closest to the one I saw.
oh, i see. I thought it was a picture you took.

The book I used to try and identify it was an alberta book, so the picture you grabbed was probably of a non-alberta species, hence my inability to ID it. No need to bother now.
So Hermann, you like some kind of bird expert? Or afficionado?

Can't believe I was trying to tell you about hummingbirds! Sheesh!

So do you just bird watch and picture take or do you enjoy birds as pets also....tell us about your birdiness
Seems Nova Scotia has it's share of hummingbirds....


lone wolf
Mom told me I had to take my feeder down September 1 so the li'l beggers will fly south. Lots of entertainment watching hummingbird wars - especially when a bee gets into the battle.


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