Nanaimo on Google Earth

Visitors to Google Earth put Nanaimo on map

From Monday's Globe and Mail
August 6, 2007 at 5:24 AM EDT

Have you ever wondered what the view is like from the rooftop of the Beacon Tower in Nanaimo, B.C.?
Would you like to know if there is a man selling hot dogs at the corner of Commercial and Wharf Streets in the Vancouver Island city's picturesque downtown?
Visitors to Google Earth can inspect almost every square centimetre of the city of 80,000, which has become the world's most active supplier of geographic data to the mapping search engine service from the U.S. portal site.
The site allows people to zoom in on satellite imagery of city landmarks, arriving ferries and even local bus routes and view them as it they are flying overhead.
“Everything you could imagine that the city government would want to tell people, they seem to have found a way to tell that using Google Earth,” said Michael Jones, chief technical officer at Google Earth. “We see other cities around the world doing this, but none with the degree and zeal of Nanaimo.”
About 100 cities are providing detailed information to Google Maps,
Here is a link to Google Earth.
God, I could see my house, the spot on the front lawn where I had a load of topsoil delivered, the missing hedge tree. Even an oil spot on my driveway.
By the way, it only takes about two minutes to download Google Earth. You can then type in the address of your house, your place of work or whatever. I couldn't believe the amount of detail the satellite could see.
I saw my house on google earth. It was a little dated though as it had my old car in the driveway.
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I saw my house on google earth. It was a little dated though as it had my old car in the driveway.

That is car was in the driveway but it didn't show it. I was led to believe, or led myself to believe that the images were in real right now. That obviously isn't the case.

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