Anyone golf?

Not even fore skins?
I use to golf
Aced a 177 yarder once
Now I just sit back a watch the pros on Sat and Sun, and marvel at how some of them look like walking corporate billboards.
I'm off to Sage View for some desert golf right this AM

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I golfed on sunday, first time in over a year. Did pretty good, but that is common, as the
head is clear, and no expectations, and haven't had time to build up bad habits yet. lol

I had a bad knee for a long time, thought it was something cronic. quit golfing, and in about
3 months my knee was as good as new, also the sore neck I had didn't come back any more.

So, I haven't joined the club, i'll just golf about once a week on twilight time fee, and take better of the
body, we were golfing about 5 times a week before, don't have to do that any more, i've got
lots of other things to do, like long walks and bike riding, gardening.

We have a nice older motorhome
now, so we will be doing short island trips with it, couple of days here and there, won't take it
across to the mainland, far too expensive, but that works both ways cause it will keep the mainlanders
on the other side too, and thats good.


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