CanadianContent Consulting Corp

If I grow some hair back and colour it gray, can I be "in" too.??

Acerbic sounds good for my dept.

Promise just to use small words.

(Mostly cause that's all I have in my vocba.....vocabv.....vok......things you speak with eh.)

I'll work hard and not put in for overtime.

As long as people suck up to me, and I have my observations and opinions affirmed
as we "go forward".

Little ***-kissing wouldn't hurt either. I like that.


I'll take the pseudo posterior osculation department so long as I can have a side line in the parareality conclave.
Dreadful Nonsense
Quote: Originally Posted by Phil BView Post

It takes two things to be a consultant - grey hair and hemorrhoids. The grey hair makes you look distinguished and the hemorrhoids make you look concerned.

I got grey asshair....I could try and induce hemmorroids if it would mean i could be a moderator for a day .
mmmmmm asshair
Dreadful Nonsense
Quote: Originally Posted by trieditView Post

mmmmmm asshair

yeah i got tufts of the's thick enough to support a bowling ball...i went to the beauty rest people and wanted them to use me as a Gold Standard for bowling ball non bounce lying on there bed with them dropping bowling balls on my asshair only to see it get lost in there and slowly emerge.
The way i saw it they could show the world that there beauty rest mattress was just as good as the gold standard.
It took me months to set up this meeting with the ad execs on madison ave in the big apple.....When i disrobed they all fell into comas...later I found ouit they thought this was about German hog hair from the black forest....It was making it's way into japanese pillows
Quote: Originally Posted by KreskinView Post

NOTICE: We are no longer accepting applications for the Department of Sedition and Acerbity.

If you need an instructor to teach the fundamentals of flying fifty year old jet fighters, I'm your man. It's either CCCC, or the Confederate Air Force.
How about the Minister for Circular Blame?

You know, The Great Pointing Circle of Blame.

It's his fault. . .no it's her fault. . .he told me to. . .but she's in charge of the project. . .but it's her department. . .ad infinitum.

I could teach that one really well.

After all, I work in the Arts.



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