Poor Driving Habits

I am a truck drive in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. I drive a truck that has A gross vehicle weight of 25500 Kgs. To put this into prospective my truck fully loaded weighs about the same as 50 sports cars. You can imagine how hard it is to stop something like that!
I have the unique opportunity to see how people drive in and out of the city.
These are some of the most common driving infractions that I see in my work day.

Failing to signal; Speeding; Tail Gating; Illegal Lane Changes (Weaving in and out of traffic, Cutting people off); Failing to yield to pedestrians: Illegal Turns; Failing to obey a flag person: Failing to yield to Emergency vehicles: Failing to drive to the conditions of the road!

As I said these are just SOME of the things that I see in my work day!
I see a lot of stupid things on the road.
I would like to here about some of the things that you have seen?
Some of the things you have done?
Do you leave at the very last moment to make it to work?
Have you ever experienced ROAD RAGE?
Do you think you are a good driver?

Remember we all have to share the road!
One of the things I don't like is when people clump together in a large group traveling down the highway. They get next to each other is all the lanes and slow down to look around. Basically they are all moving at the same speed but refuse to be in the same lane. It's terrible in Ontario around the GTA. There are just to many cars on the road and no where near enough experiences in good driving.
Gabbing on cell phones while behind the wheel seems to have gotten out of controll these past few years. The last thing on their minds is the road, pedestrians, light changes, stop signs and the traffic around them....most of which are gabbing on their cells as well.
Where are the statistics with regards to these preventable accidents and deaths caused by this deadly driving habit? Nobody dares utter a complaint about this because 90% of drivers are guilty of this behaviour.
Ah yes...where to begin?
Ditto on the cell phones and "parade leaders"...

How about those people with unsecured loads, could be that old trailer full of stuff for the cottage, or the pickup truck from a landscaping company overloaded with a bed full of pea gravel (including on the rear bumper) such that every little bump sent a cascade of little paint job killers bouncing towards me, the unsuspecting driver behind in my new car last week.

Another one is the timid "I'm afraid if I go too fast I'll run out of accellerator lane" types who upon entering the highway on ramp maintain a steady 60Km/hr as they look hopelessly for their opening while those "selfish idiots" on the highway doing 110Km/hr won't let them in. Of course when you're stuck behind them it's a pain to merge yourself...

I could go on and on, but these are my major pet peeves for drivers.

Then to answer your questions, yes, I'm a good driver. I've driven all over the country during my touring years, driven Wheel Trans busses, attended the Bridgestone Formula 2000 Racing School, and I commute 64Km each way to work.

Road rage? Minor bouts, if someone did something really stupid to me (like the gravel incident where I pulled beside him, motioned to roll down the window and when I got his attention told him he's losing gravel in not the friendliest of tones.) Oh, one BMW driver pulled the old "pass stopped traffic on the onramp" trick and tried to muscle in front of me, but having seen him pull that stunt to get ahead of exactly two cars, I made him wait. He waved and gesticulated like I scratched his car or something when he pulled beside me later at a light at the offramp. I blew him a kiss and waved back...

Well it happened again. STREET RACING = DEATH!
Last night a car involved in a street race bounced off a curb and slammed in to a pole on Granville st.
Police are investigating weather alcohol may have been a factor and are looking for a yellow Porsche Boxster that may have been involved in the race.
The driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries. But the passenger in the car pleaded with police to free him untill he finley passed away.
These cars are to powerfull and the drivers are to inexperanced.

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