A British tramp (or what North Americans call a "bum") from Bournemouth has become an internet hit as he as the strange ability to be able to tell the time without looking at a clock or a watch.

British tramp who can tell time WITHOUT watch shoots to internet stardom

2nd July 2007
Daily Mail

An elderly tramp has shot to internet stardom after more than 5,000 people joined a website site set up in his honour.

For the last 20 years, Gordon Roberts has wandered the streets of Bournemouth, Dorset, sporting his trademark white beard, football scarf and Parka jacket.

The 78-year-old is extremely popular among revellers and has become famous in the town for always knowing the exact time despite not having a watch.

He is so well known that the local football club, AFC Bournemouth, let him in for free for matches.

Hardcore fan Chris Kimber, 24, has now set up an appreciation group called 'Gordon the Tramp' on the social internet site Facebook.

The appreciation group 'Gordon the Tramp' was set up by hardcore fan Chris Kimber to honour Gordon Roberts - a man with the unusual ability to correctly tell the time (minus a watch)

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The description reads: "Gordon the Tramp, possibly the most famous person in all of Bournemouth.

"This is a fan club for Gordon, share with us your memories of him, and stories alike."

Chris, a Bournemouth University student, was stunned when people from all over Britain immediately began signing up to the group.

An average of 200 fans joined the fan site every day including people from Australia, America and South Africa.

The number of members has now shot to more than 5,000, making Gordon an internet star.

His Facebook page has already attracted more than 5,000 friends

The 78-year-old is extremely popular among revellers

Fans have uploaded dozens of photographs of them posing with Gordon and have posted more than 500 comments with their stories of the eccentric tramp.

Luke Norbury, from Portsmouth, Hants, commented: "Gordon is a living legend.

"We should start up a group to send Gordon on tour so everyone can appreciate this great man!"

James Horton, from Plymouth, said: "He should run for mayor of Bournemouth? I would vote."

And Tim Stewart said: "Gordon...what a time-telling legend."

Mr Popular: Gordon with a fan

Site creator Chris said: "I thought it would be a bit of fun to set up a Facebook group for my friends.

"But within a week or so I was getting 100 people signing up a day and then it rose to 200 a day.

"I couldn't believe how many people knew him.

"Suddenly people were uploading pictures of them and Gordon and posting comments about when they last saw him.

"There are even people from Australia and America who have joined - they have never even met him.

"I never expected it to get this big, it's incredible."

Now some fans have arranged a 'Gordon the Tramp' party for members which will be held at the Nightjar pub in Poole on July 29.

The online invite clearly states that all attendees must dress up as Gordon if they wish to join in the fun.

Gordon has left people bemused by his uncanny knack of telling the time without looking at a clock.

His fan page features a link to a video clip posted on website YouTube where Gordon instantly gives a group of lads the correct time.

Student Nikki Hemming commented on the site: "Oh my gosh, Gordy is amazing, so handy to bump into if you need the time!"

Jay Tonks stated: "If you ever need the time or just want to test out his skills, just ask him, I bet money its not far of the truth!"

James White recalled asking Gordon the time outside a nightclub.

He wrote: "Me and my mates bumped into him when we left Elements once - around 2am - and asked him what the time was. He looked up for about two seconds and said: '2 am'. Genius."

Chris believes Gordon's time-telling ability is a superpower.

He said: "I first saw Gordon when I visited Bournemouth about seven years ago then when I came to university here I saw him out all the time.

"He is a really friendly guy and if you are nice to him then he is nice back.

"He can tell the time even though he doesn't have a watch.

"Some people think it's because he always listens to the football on a portable radio - other's joke that he's got superpowers."

When asked about his new found fame, Gordon said: "I heard about it, but I don't know much about it. "I tell the time but sometimes I get it wrong."