Crop circle seasons begins - with a pyramid

Britain is the world centre for crop circles, with more crop circles appearing in the county of Wiltshire alone each year than in almost the rest of the world put together.

This season's spate of crop circles has started off with an unusual design, right next to the chalk White Horse on a Wiltshire hillside that is thousands of years old. Crop circles seem strangely attracted to Milk Hill...............

Pyramid-style crop circle points the way to Wiltshire's White Horse

19th June 2007
Daily Mail

Crop circle season has started early this year but in a familiar setting after this impressive three-dimensional pyramid design was discovered at Milk Hill in Wiltshire.

The 175-foot formation was spotted by early morning commuters on the A361 Devises to Alton Barnes road.

Just metres from the chalk White Horse on the slope at Milk Hill, the pattern consists of a pyramid shape within a circle, surrounded by four smaller circles.

Milk Hill is common ground for crop circles with some of the world's most impressive formations appearing there each year.

The 175-foot formation was spotted near on the A361 Devises to Alton Barnes road

Crop circle expert Steve Alexander said: "There seems to be a different crop circle at Milk Hill every year but each time they grow more spectacular.

"At first glance it looks like a three-dimensional view of a pyramid. Numerogically this formation seems to deal with the relationship between three and five.

"A two-dimensional representation of the pyramid is a triangle and has three points whereas a three-dimensional has five."

Traditionally formations tend to appear in July or August but despite the problems of the recent bad weather in Britain enthusiast claim more are developing early on in the year.

Steve added: "There have been quite a few appearing as early as April, which is outstanding really. To have this many this soon is unheard of.

"One of the reasons they have not been seen is because photographing has been problematic lately as the weather has been unreasonably wet and cloudy."
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