Coleen Jones Wardrobe

Who in hell dresses this woman and does she even look at herself in the mirror before going on air?? *yikes!!*
Who is she? Got a link?
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Who is she? Got a link?

CBC Weather and Sports on the Morning broadcast. Also the "winningest" Skip in Canadian Women's Curling. I think 3 time World Champion.

Have not really considered her wardrobe bad but the hair has been pretty bad over the years and the gum chewing at Curling matches is rather annoying. Last I saw of her hair it actually was better than in a long time. In winter she usually reports Weather from outside and is wearing a hat.

I got blasted on a women's site for exception to the hair. Good grooming to me means respect for yourself and for those around you though. But then I am 62 so maybe passette.
It's her lipstick that gets to me. It looks like she put it on in an airplane restroom while the plane was encountering air turbulence.
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