Help Vote a Canadian to get on MTV The Real World!

Hey guys,

alright so im trying to get on The Real World, I mean I want to be the First Canadian to be on The Real World and no i am not one of those people that like to show off just wanna take a chance and see what happens.

anyways Id appreate it if everyone can vote for me and well its really easy to sign up, vote daily and well make as many user names as u want.

I need to get 1000+Votes to advance to the next round and well when that happens then ill let u kno lol.

click on the link, sign up as a voter and then go back to my casting profile and click on vote (or the thumb icon).

Thanks guys
No thanx.

MTV sucks.
well I advanced! to round 2, The first Canadian to advance, but I need your help please vote, sign up and vote daily id appreate it alot.

thank you .

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