Run in Memory of Elgin Fraser

Bob Carrick
I don't doubt most of you that are at least following the Cup Finals have heard the story about Elgin Fraser. "In the end, it was a hockey game Elgin-Alexander Fraser was not going to miss.

Two weeks back, the three-year-old spent his last hours at home, nestled between family and friends on a mattress on the living floor in front of the television watching the Ottawa Senators reach the Stanley Cup finals." Elgin died from a very rare form of Cancer 2 hours after that game.

Reading that article was weirdly timed as I was wanting to register for the New York City (Where I now live) Half Marathon on August 5th and wanted to run it for Charity. So I chose a team in NYC that raises money for Pediatric Cancer Research. (external - login to view)

Then I decided I wanted to run it in Elgin's Memory, but of course it's not that simple there are consent forms etc. Well oddly enough my mother went and spoke to Elgin's mother (they both live in Carleton Place and she is signing the consent forms so that I can dedicate my run to his memory. I'm still at the the 1/3 mark of my goal for fund raising but I'm not even a week in and the run is August 5th so I have lots of time to beat my goal.

This is a copy the article that just killed me and wanted me to run in his memory. I read the original in the Ottawa Citizen 10 or so days ago.

This isn't me just looking for fund raising, it's also getting the story out about this little boy and his fight. I wish his family all the best and will continue to train and fund raise in order to put my best foot forward on August 5th.
Bob Carrick
Thanks to everyone who has donated or sent along there good luck wishes. With all of your help I've already hit the exact 50% mark of my fund raising goal of 1200 USD in only 7 short days. I think this is amazing. Thank you all! If you want to donate or track my fund raising progress you can here: (external - login to view)
Bob Carrick
Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my initial fund raising goal of 1200 dollars for Fred's Team to support The Aubrey Fund for Pediatric Cancer Research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the 2007 NYC HALF-Marathon Presented by NIKE, on August 5th. We hit my initial goal in only 3 weeks, I think it's amazing and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. So now I'm changing my goal to 2000 dollars, I can fund raise up until July 22nd so I have well over a month to hit that goal. Again thank you for getting me to my initial goal so quickly.

As you all know I'm running in memory of Elgin-Alexander Fraser who lost is battle with cancer at the age of 3 on May 19th, you can read more about his story here: (external - login to view) . His parents signed the release forms and Sloan-Kettering made it official earlier this week. My Donation page has been updated and accepted by Sloan-Kettering & Fred's Team and you can see that here: (external - login to view) to either track my progress or donate if you would like to. You can also donate by check if you are not comfortable donating online, there is a form that you can print out from that fund raising page and then you would mail it to me.

Again thank you all,

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