According to legend, Glastonbury Tor in Somerset is the location of the magical Isle of Avalon of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Jesus is also supposed to have been there in his youth.

It's also the location of the annual Glastonbury rock festival - the largest of its kind in the world.

Amongst the acts performing this year are The Arctic Monkeys.

Amateur photographer captures spectacular Glastonbury sunrise10th May 2007

A flock of birds takes flight at sunset as Glastonbury Tor in Somerset rises from low lying clouds in this spectacular photograph.

Named Ynys yr Afalon ("Isle of Avalon") by the ancient Britons, Glastonbury Tor is widely believed to be the Avalon of Arthurian legend.

How it looks in daylight. The world's largest greenfield rock festival is held annually nearby this sacred hill, given the concert a mystical feel when the bands play at night

A flock of birds taking flight at sunset near Glastonbury Tor has created a spectacular scene.

This may be the place where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere's Isle of Avalon was located and where Jesus came in his youth with Joseph of Arimathea

Queen Guinevere, King Arthur's consort

The picture was taken by amateur photographer John Davies from the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

The Tor famously provides the backdrop for the Glastonbury Festival which will takes place in late June.

The year's event sold out in record time, with 137,500 tickets snapped up in under two hours.

The Arctic Monkeys are due to headline, with Dame Shirley Bassey and The Who also confirmed. The full line-up will not be released until next month.

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