The three-wheeled car made from wood

The three-wheeled car made from wood

27 April 2007

It weighs just 900lb, has a top speed of 101mph -and is made entirely out of wood.

It took furniture maker, appropriately named Friend Wood, 46, more than 2000 hours to build his three-wheel, tear-drop shaped car, which he has named 'Tryane II'.

The wooden car has a top speed of 101mph

The two-seater was put together using the chassis and 602cc engine from a Citroen 2CV. Mr Wood then built up layers of African mahogany around a basic mould using a boat-building technique known as 'cold moulding'.

The car is a a three-wheel adaption of the classic four-wheeled 1969 Citroen Diane and is able to do between 55 and 70 miles per gallon.

The Tryane II is built from layers of African mahogany
reminds me of the old 1920's morgan a friend of mine was re-building.

i love the wood effect. much more beautiful than most cars
Looks like it would make a good humidor.
I can't help thinking about the cost of body work. Replacing a fender would also be a work of art. We won't even talk about a head-on collision at highway speed. Imagine tumbling down the highway amongst a pile of wood chips....

It is pretty though.

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