Learning English in Canada: Experiences?

Hi forum ,

I moved to Canada, more accurately Halifax in August last year to attend school. From the beginning it was my intention to stay here and graduate (I'm now in grade 11) even though I couldn't be sure of the ultimate success of my wish, mainly for financial reasons. Recently, I was awarded a bursary and am therefore able to stay here next year.

However, now I start having doubts. Eight month I've been living here and there's not really been any improvement in my English skills. I'm not a person who attaches a lot socially, I rather try to speak in class and in cases in interesting discussions. My brother went through the exact same situation, attended the same school, was awarded a scholarship.... He typically does not do a lot with people as well and from what he's told me hasn't made any real friends here. His graduation was about two years ago. Anyway, not even native speakers can keep apart whether his mother tongue is English or German or whatever right now. Also, he keeps telling me it'll come by time, but aren't eight months quite a while already?

I noticed there are many internationals here as well most of whom seem to be fluent in English, perhaps somebody could give me some experiences
it takes alot of time to get fluent. I've been attending school here since i was 7 years old. I only knew polish when i landed here (brampton). I still to this stay have pronounciation problems with certain words and stuff. I think the older you are the harder it is to learn another language fluently, with no problems. Some can do it, which is amazing. I think i was lucky to have learned from a early age.
What i would recommend, talk alot of english, with ur family and friends, try to not talk you're home language for awhile, it could help.
Being on this forum will also help you out alot with grammar and spelling. It just takes time, eight months seems alot, but its not, my mom has lived here 15years and still has an accent and still has issues with her speech, spelling and grammar. Well i hope you do well in school and good luck with learning the english language . Stay around the forum, and talk with ur friends, plus study the language and u'll be fine .
I think not
I don't know about your speech skills, but your writing skills put many "native" English speakers to shame.
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I don't know about your speech skills, but your writing skills put many "native" English speakers to shame.

thats definitely true, well said "I think not"
Yeah, learning a little more was the first idea why I registered here. I don't really talk any German here anymore, which funnily results in me forgetting some German phrases, I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing.

Surprisingly, I'm doing well enough in school so far I mean certainly my goal average is a little higher than what I've reached already, but I think it's okay.

It might also be that people often don't understand me, not even because of my pronunciation but just because I'm insecure about it.

If that's really the case "I think not" I believe that's because as one perfectly controls one's language one doesn't consider it necessary anymore to show it. For incidence, some of my fellow students are actually able to chat and get through school solely using the words: like, you know and some basic vocabulary.
Its wonderful how you have adapted ,and depending on what you do in life ,your vocabulary could multiply or you could "just get by"

Its What you want ,how you want to express and want to be understood ,many Canadians in the city I live had to learn French and become bilingual really fast to maintain the best employment 10 or so years ago . Some people refused and didn't evolve others went on and barely used French

In primary years French was always mandatory in this area ,I think it would have better much easier to learn if I wasn't forced and was able to see it as a good empowering thing instead of force feed .

Ps I can understand you just fine and practice makes perfect
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L Gilbert
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I don't know about your speech skills, but your writing skills put many "native" English speakers to shame.

Ditto that.
Thanks a lot already for the nice answers I better put myself to sleep now. Good night
I think not beat me to it...you write much better than most of the people on this forum (myself included )

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