Rush is touring :D!!!

I think that thinking a certain drummer is the best because you like him, doesn't make him the best drummer alive. Niel Peart is simply amazing. His talent and skills are through the rough. You could ask any real rocker, and they'd tell you that niel peart is the best.
Ringo star, well i wouldn't even compare. Now if you mentioned the drummer for emerson lake and palmer, well then its debatable. I do remember when he performed in montreal and played in a glass dome and was strapped to his seat and played his drums while being turned and spun around upside and all. Then again, those are just stunts, which any rock band could do, altho it takes practice being able to play upside :P.

Well as a rocker, and becuase i love the band, and from the ratings and news about him, Niel Peart is #1 drummer alive!!

*i recommend some of you go see the Rush in Rio dvd, and view his drum solo, just as mentioned above, after seeing that you all wouldn't even think twice about answering this question
Just a quote from John Lennon RE: Ringo Starr- when asked "Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?" Lennon responded with a laugh "He's not even the best drummer in the Beatles"

Just for whatever that's worth.

RUSH are pretty damn good, tho I DO prefer their older, more METAL stuff myself. When the first bits of 2112 come on the radio, I HAVE to salute
i like thier older stuff too, but overall all the songs they've made and written are very very good. I couldn't tell u a song i didn't like.

I'm really looking forward to their new ablum that comes out on May 1st
Had the chance top hear a couple of the songs on the radio yesterday, the new acoustic instrumental is really nice, and the other song i hear (not sure if it was the single) was also very good. It should be a good album based on what i heard so far.

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