I'm BacccK!

Scary stuff, glad to hear about your recovery and I imagine your family is grateful you are still with them. It's an experience, so I'm told, that changes ones perspectives on life and their relationships with the ones they love.....nothing is taken for granted anymore, in a small way I envy your situation.

I've had some family members and friends of the family go through similar experiences in our health care system and they all had excellent care with no debt afterwards.

Take care dude.
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And I have so far experienced practically NO discomfort in either incision..........the 7 inch one down the centre of my chest, or the 18" one down my leg.

Wifey says I look like something on the table on CSI.

Girls LOVE battle scars Its a turn on......
Glad to have you back.

Stay a while. A LONG while!
well i'm not sure who you are, but i'm sure we'll get to know eachother on the forum. I'm glad to hear you're ok .
Just take things a bit easier now,you youngster! It was a bit of a shock to hear about your medical problems as you're the second person known to me who has gone thru this in the past few weeks[another retired postie,Larry Gautreau]
Just had a thought (unusual so early in the morning)

We seem to take all these medical miracles of science of repair and recovery
as par for the course when just a few short years ago there was little to be

Now we have a good friend sitting here writing to us - giving his wife a scare (which she handled so beautifully).... and who will soon be back writing about all the blather we get into on this forum.

Keep on improving daily Colpy....behave.... and return 100% soon as you can!
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