Cats person *OR* Dog person

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Dog person! 10 50.00%
Cat person! 5 25.00%
Mix between cats and dogs 5 25.00%
I like other types of animals for a pet 0 0%
I don't like animals! (thumbs down!!!) 0 0%
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So the ultimate debate:


And I dread the though of a person who does not like animals.

So vote in the poll and let the debate begin.

Also include the animals you have, their names, sex, bread, and a photo too!


Jebby (Full Name: Jebediah Francis Don: The Third)
Purebred - Bichon Frise
B-day: September 4th
Age: 11

Recent photos:

I'm a cat person, although i love dogs as well. I grew up with cats, we had a black one who lived for 22 years, and we had a tabby one and a burmese and a burmese cross, and two asians. their names were kitwit, sutty, magic, eric, hugo and besos respectively.

Magic's on the doll's house and kitwits the one that looks like she's nearly dead. She was.

Pictures of hugo and besos exist in the kitty thread
I'll bet your mum has to tie a pork chop arround your neck so Jebby will play with you.
If I had a dog that looked like you i'd shave its **** and teach it to walk backwards
I feel sad now..

I don't know if that was a joke, but i hurt my feelings anyway............
Quote: Originally Posted by westmanguyView Post

I feel sad now..

I don't know if that was a joke, but i hurt my feelings anyway............

dude i didnt mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I don't even know what u look like. It's just something someone once said to me that made me laugh for days
I like dogs and cats. Smarter than most kids. I have a cat now that thinks he's a dog.
Comes when he's called. Does simple tricks. Listens when I talk. Kinda like that!
He is sad, he dosen't know a joke from a hole in the ground and his blond long haired rat is ugly.
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dude i didnt mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I don't even know what u look like. It's just something someone once said to me that made me laugh for days

That's horrible just horrible, how could you do something like that Herm,?
I like cats, the last one I had was left with me last summer for three months while it's owners toured, in the fall she went back to univercity. Maybe I'll steal a new one this month before I move.
My puppy, JuJu

Ive had dogs and cats and cats are definately my favorite. Zack has more psychic ability than I will EVER have!
I am 100% a dog person, HOWEVER I do own one cat, but thats the ONLY exception, cause she thinks shes a dog, lol....she does stuff like run to the door when the doorbell rings and my dog just sits there and is like "huh? whats that noise" so I got me a guard kitty, LOL
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He is sad, he dosen't know a joke from a hole in the ground and his blond long haired rat is ugly.

wow, that was kinda harsh *ouch*
Dogs are great and I"ve had several wonderful examples. Most dogs make it to heaven but their owners don't. It is causing a lot of celestial confusion.
I have a beautiful chocolate lab, JOE,which was the only male in the last litter "that I bred", when I had
my lab. kennel. His sire and dam were canadian champions, and he had seven sisters in the litter,
and he was the only male. That was 7 yrs ago. He was suppose to be sold, but I backed out of deal,
as he was so perfect I couldn't let him go, and I am glad I kept him.
I have a tabby cat, MEGGIE, (came from SPCA), when joe was only 6 months old, when I bought her home, as
a little kitten, she snuggled up to Joe, and he nuzzled her, and they have loved each other ever since,
sleep together, and go to the field everyday together, with us, for their "duties" and excercise.
If he gets to go out without her, she runs around meowing till one of us opens the door, so she can
join him.
I have pictures in computer, but I don't know how to transfer them to this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by talloolaView Post

I have pictures in computer, but I don't know how to transfer them to this forum.

there are two methods. You can attach them to the post using the paperclip button at the top of the posting window, or you can upload your picture to an image hosting website (for instance (external - login to view)) then copy the URL of the file into the window which comes up when u click the button which looks like a mountain's yellow.

the former method can only be used so much cos it takes up space, whereas the latter takes a bit more effort but can essentially be done for ever
I am a cat person, definitely. I don't keep a cat right now, and I had to give away the last one I had, due to some circumstances. I still can't feel real bad when I remember my cat looking so trustfully at me, while we were driving to his new home.
It doesn't feel right not to have a cat, though. I will get one, as soon as I have some stability in my life.
We is owned by a dog.

Gotta lovem.

VEREYA....................WHERE IS TULA??

I like all animals. Right now I've got 2 cats, a hampster, and some birds. If I had my way I'd have a house full of animals, much like the one I grew up in.

I can't imagine living without them.
I'm a dog person myself. I don't have one now, wouldn't be so good in my tiny appartment. Though I do have fish.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldnuglyView Post

VEREYA....................WHERE IS TULA??

Oldnugly - Tula is a town, located about two hundred kilometers south of Moscow.
I'm a dog person but here is one of my other pets going for lunch. He is about 8 inches long.

Coming from a large family I grew up with critters - dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, one snake (ugh), fish etc.

As I was the youngest, I often found a playmate in a dog or cat when my older siblings had gone off to do more 'grown up' things.

Like Hermann - one cat I had was 22 when she finally said goodbye - it was like losing a best friend.

One of my sisters used to smuggle animals in because my parents had put a moratorium (many times) on the number of pets and we weren't wealthy so feeding them was more of a problem than anything else for my dad... but when we could hear whining from a clothes closet we knew my sister had done it again...and sure enough another cuddly little furball would be waiting to meet the new owners.... none were ever removed.... allowed to join the herd.... and had a great life with lots of new human friends.

Having lots of pets around also gave my parents another chore to assign some of us because with so many kids, we ran out of things to be responsible for - feeding the animals was a biggie and when we were given than job we knew we were being trusted.

I think animals bring out the best in most humans - humans who have the capacity to love animals that is. For those who have never known how immense the love from an animal can be, I think they have missed one of the most pure loves one can experience.
I think dogs are the greatest.

This morning they are going nuts because there's a coyote running up and down the road. It's big and scared. I tried phoning the police, but after being on hold for 10 minutes I found the number for Fish and Wildlife. They're still sleeping. Next I phoned the SPCA - had to go online to find that phone number - they're also still sleeping. Finally, I called the local police office and they told me to phone the main office downtown. I told them I didn't have time - and they told me to "calm down". Excuse me, but just because I'm refusing to follow their instructions to phone downtown doesn't mean I'm hysterical. I told them it's not my problm, now it's their problem and to have a nice day.

There are two playgrounds, university housing and the Children's Hospital close. No one will care until either a child or small dog is attacked or it's killed.
In the Hermantrude vein...

Cat's rule...dogs drool....

My cat made me post this....

I can imagine a cat doing that. They're powerful mind-controllers
Nice pics from everyone- you have some cute little critters there, West, and this is a fine thread idea, glad you posted it (NOT bein sarcastic either )

I am totally a dog and fish guy- I have a doggie we rescued from some idiots across the street- her mother was a husky but I'm pretty sure the father was a coyote (no-one knows exactly what happened, she was born FAR up north)

She is skinny and really weird- VERY quiet, VERY polite, and the "wild animal" in her is abvious, she really doesn't do anything most of the time, but when she DOES want to do stuff, she goes NUTS, kinda leaps around in circles.. and she only sometimes barks to get our attention, usually she yips and kinda growls like a real wild animal should... Oh and her name is Sashie the wonder dog, in case you wanna know..

I've NEVER been able to take a good pic of her tho, she is REALLY odd about having her pic taken for whatever reason, but no joke, Google "coyote" images and you'll have pages of pics which might as well be her
We are one of those families of whom live in a zoo
3 dogs
Jasper - Cocker Spaniel (best dog in the world), 4 years old
Champ - Border Collie/Husky, 15 months old
Songaa - Husky/Border Collie, 8 weeks old (just got him Friday)
4 cats
Angel Eyes - black and white, 1 1/2 years old
Spider - spotted silver tabby, 11 months old
Kricket - black (my baby), 6 months old
Cleo - ginger tabby, we think about 6-7 months old (she showed up at our door in -20 degree weather and never left)
1 cockatoo
Felix - 16 years old (my other baby)
1 guinea pig
Candy - 1 1/2 years old

and RIP
Simba - Cocker Spaniel 1998-2003
Nayla - long haired ginger cat ?-2006 (rescue cat we had for 7 years)
yep, can you tell the kids named them?

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