Is this the world's shortest double yellow line?

Is this the world's shortest double yellow line?

16th March 2007

It's a challenge that would stump even the worst offending driver.

A council has painted double yellow lines on a road in East Sussex, which restricts parking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But to park there your car would have to be just over 3ft long.

Probably the shortest double yellow line in the world

The 38" yellow lines in between the parking bays have left puzzled residents scratching their heads. Even the shortest Smart Car is 8ft long.

And the name of the infamous road? Park Street.
to be fair you'd be in trouble if u had one wheel on the lines. maybe it's to keep a gateway clear or something? for access to a mobility bus maybe?
Someone should just leave an RC car right in the middle, for giggles.

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