A new British gigantic ocean mega-liner, designed for British passengers only, shows that Britannia still does rule the waves.....

Ace Ventura monster cruiser

Bridge of size ... Ventura, at 951 feet 951 feet

Ventura, at 951 feet, is longer than London's Tower Bridge

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MARCH 14, 2007

BRITANNIA rules the waves! Our newest mega-liner dwarfs Tower Bridge in a stunning display of true Brit sea power.

The £300million Ventura is being built right now by cruise giants P&O and will be the biggest ship ever designed especially for Brits.

Her maiden voyage, from Southampton in April next year, will take more than 3,000 passengers — each paying £1,129 or more — to the Med in unparalleled luxury.

Lap up the luxury ... how the liner will look

The ship celebrates the best of British with everything from Noddy in the kids’ club to Tate Modern art, as well as restaurants designed and run by chef Marco Pierre White.

Ventura will also include the first Scalextric at sea — a giant six-car digital racetrack — and a 3D cinema.

P&O’s Philip Price said: “Everything from the food to the entertainment will be immediately familiar to our British guests.

“Nobody knows better than us how to keep British cruisers happy.”

Since 1997, holidaying on ocean liners has grown faster in Britain than any other European country.

Super size

At 951 feet, Ventura is longer than Tower Bridge

300 tons of paint are needed to cover it, five times the amount needed to paint the Eiffel Tower

You could park 35 London buses nose-to-tail along the ship’s hull

It will have 11 acres of carpet, enough to cover all the home grounds of the Six Nations rugby teams

At 90,000 bhp, Ventura's horsepower is equivalent to that of 190 Ferraris

Ventura will travel approx 100,000 miles during her maiden season – the equivalent of circling the world more than four times

On a 14-day voyage passengers will drink 3,900 bottles of champagne and white wine, 1,800 bottles of red wine, 2,500 bottles of whisky, 1,800 bottles of gin, rum and vodka, 600 bottles of cognac, 50,400 beers and 42,700 soft drinks

The mosaics in the ship’s central stairwell contain more than 60,000 unique photos

Ship's shape

WEIGHT: 115,000 tons
LENGTH: 951ft
WIDTH: 118ft
HEIGHT: 221ft from the keel
193ft from the waterline
15 decks
3,096 passengers
1,200 crew
1,540 cabins
1,106 outside
881 balcony
434 inside

What's on board
11 restaurants
12 bars
Five lots of shops
Six venues for live music
Two-tier theatre
Four swimming pools
Four children’s/teenagers’ areas
Two show lounges
Sports court
Hi-tech gym

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