Who here agrees?

The CBC is the only thing with Canadian Content.

CTV, Global and the rest re-air American programming and force my satellite/cable operator to plummet their signal over the American signal. Then they come up with 2-3 canadian series, and air them on rerun for minimum requirements to the CRTC.

Then the CRTC is almost communist protecting the industry from competition, 2 channels can NEVER compete against each other, that would defy the CRTC rules..

We miss out on great American programs becuase US specialty channels are watered down with Canadian versions.


HBO/Showtime - MovieCentral/TMN
Food Network - Food Network Canada
Comedy Central - Comedy Network
History Channel - History Channel Canada
Disney - Family Channel
Nick - YTV

See what they do is, when a US specialty channel gets a chance to enter Canada they enter in a request for that type of specialty channel and block the American one from entering. These Canadian versions of US specialty channels need Canadian content, so they reair reruns of other series from their Network tv counterpart and miss shows or air them late from the american counter part.

For example

Robson Arm (CTV)
Corner Gas (CTV)
Air Farce (CBC)

air on the Comedy Network, and the Comedy Network airs South Park, a HIT TV SHOW, 9 months late, forcing me to go online and do some torrents...

I always love going to the USA hotels and watch pure American tv.. your always stunned how different it is!