BREAKING NEWS: Rawisbetter! is going back to Gametalk in 4 weeks!

Rar! I'm a scary monster!
I've been in 2 other threads here. The magpie one and the English 1st language/French one.

I am easing into things here...trying to see how people work here. I'm not going to post/reply somewhere if i don't have anything to say.

I'm not worried about my image other than being mistaken for a person for whom I have no use.
Hey, I was just trying to talk you out of drinking the Koolaid.

Not joining in on a conversation, because you have nothing to say on the topic, puts you head and shoulders above a few of the asshats here(including myself from time to time), "A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something."

Good on ya.
Rar! I'm a scary monster!

It's been awhile since I've been brave enough to try any "Hunch Punch"...
El Barto
Rawisbetter sounds like a sand in vasilene accident to me. The enjoyable sensation after would be to blow on it.
Wow... I can't believe this thread actually continued... it's nothing more than a cry for attention, and that's exactly what was received....
Well, well, well. It looks like Tek Jansen has crossed over to my other turf. Don't deny it Rar, you're the only one that ever calls me Raw-ibs and used the IBS thing towards me. For those of you who aren't familiar with Tek, let me inform you all. He cusses people out, he's been known to spam threads and just recently he threatened to beat Bill Keller to death because he called some d0uche a liar. That's it. You see Tek, I've been observing all the threads in Gametalk. I've been reading all of them since I got banned. I know all about the whole Bill Keller story. You want to know who he is? Do you? Alright, he's a friend of mine who I got to go on there and act like me, but in a much less Raw way. He might not be returning anytime soon because he found the whole thing annoying. Why wouldn't he. All he did was call someones lame story, false. And then the person cussed him out and everyone else, but like 2 people, made him sound like some monster who should get banned. He acts just like me on here. I don't flame people like I did in GT. I don't do anything wrong and everyone hates me. Tek, go to the US politics forum and read my child porn thread.

Tek, I think it's funny how everyone on here thinks you're either me or some creep who acts like me. That is sooooo funny. Even though you haven't done anything wrong on here, people still raise their eyes and treat you like crap. That is called justice. You see guys, there's this guy called WeWantRawBack on GT who doesn't do anything wrong on there. He just wants to have conversations with people and spread the word that I'm still alive and kicking. But Tek Jansen treats him like crap because he mentions me once and a while. This guy hasn't done anything to provoke anyone in anyway. Tek accuses him of either being me or some "idiot sheep". I think it's awesome that people on here are treating you the same way Rar. But I swear, I have no idea who WeWantRawBack is. But I thank him/her for keeping my presense alive in Gametalk. I'm comming back in less than 4 weeks! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and Tek. You are a lot like me, but in "a less funny way".

How bout no.
WAH! I am getting so confused with this gametalk Tek Jansen, and all these other characters!
It's simple. Tek is the guy who is also Rar, a scary monster. Stonemage/WinterBorn is the guy I had that fight with at CatfishCountry. Bill Keller is a friend of mine who went to GT for a brief period of time. WeWantRawBack is some person from here that's very nice. Rawisbetter! is the main attraction.
Quote: Originally Posted by westmanguyView Post

WAH! I am getting so confused with this gametalk Tek Jansen, and all these other characters!

Rar! is Tek Jansen. All we need is Stonemage and we'd have the whole story. Not that we really want it.
Trust me, you do. Just tell me how and I'll show you the photo of him.
If I have any pull on this board at all Im asking yall to ignore this nonsense. Meeting people to beet them up is just want to be a member of THIS board be one.
Wrong or awesome! Tek, you were there. Give me the address to the photo of Stonemage and I'll use that as my photo under my name.

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