Favorite Fast-Food Resteraunt?

L Gilbert
A&W used to be good till they went with the McD type burger patties. Now I can't tell much diff between Wendy's, BK, McD's, and A&W. Probably the different sauces.
Can't get much into felafel ( I call it felAWFUL), but I like souvlaki, avgolemono, fasulatha, tzatziki, spanikopeta, kotopeta, dolmathes avgolemono, etc. But I especially like uvetsi and kalamari and kalamarakia. Ah, hell, I just like Greek food unless it has mutton in it.AvgolemonoAvgolemono
Spanikopeta. I forgot that one, mmmmmmm.
When I was pregnant with Critter I was alone. I had just found my real Dad and my Step Monster wasnt happy I was there in the first place. I had no home so Dad put me up in the Garage (he owned a parking lot sweeping business) My Step refused to have me in the house. Well the complex (you know the ones in the industrial part of town.....rows of Garages with lil offices) was directly accross the street from an old fasion "roach coach" It had the biggest, best burrito's a pregnant girl could crave for LOL Big chunks of meat and beans with a sauce that was to die for. I ate there my whole pregnancy. Guess what its name was........Tam's number 4 LOL
L Gilbert
Yeahyeah!!!! Burritos. Meat and bean burritos. Can barely wait for supper now.
I think I'll put it on the menu for next month. This month is pulled beef
I found a funny old McDonalds commercial..The first Mcdonalds commercial

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