Canadians leads the world in time spent on the Internet

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Isn't that amazing! Out of all Canadians age 15 + (and no were not even including the 14 and under crowd, which would bump it a million or so), approx. 20.5 Million people in our nation logged into the internet this month.

Thats 20.5 out of 33 million (not considering 14 and under, either), who went online in January.

On average Canadians spend 40 HOURS in the month of January online.

Thats a bliddy full work week, that is 1/4 of a full time job in a month spent online.

We are the number 1 in the world for are average time spent online per month .

And strangely, the USA only averaged 31 hours (9 hours less than us), I have to think this is whether related!

Not so suprising though, considering the average Canadian watches 20 HOURS OF TELEVISION PER WEEK!

Boy, we have become a tube-screen world! 120 hours each month (28 day month), is the amount of time on average a Canadian spends watching television and going online.

There is 720 hours in a 30 day month, 16% is online and on TV, on average we sleep 8.5 hours each night. 255 hours of sleep each 30 day month

So, 465 hours each month awake, and we spend 25% of our hours awake on TV and internet.

You have to take multi tasking into account though. Often, I'm watching tv, surfing the net, and cleaning house or cooking for my family. I can log a lot of collective hours, without it being truly representative of that much of my time. let's say I was to spend 4 hrs on the net, 2 hrs watching tv., it wouldn't necessarliy account for 25% of my day, because it's still only a 4 hr block of my time, ya know?
Also, some people work alot on the net. But I suspect West might be on to something looking at the weather here. I don't spend as much time during the summer on the net, actually far less during the summer. So it holds true for me, I'd like to see a poll on that issue for clarity.
Yes, I think it would be interesting to see the results in July or August.

I think in January, there is nothing to do, people work, come how, eat, watch tv, and surf the net.

When the whether gets good, they get active!

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