Hello folks,

I hope this is the right place to ask a few questions. Just a lil background soo you know my problem. I am a New Jersey IT Professional and I have just recently accepted a job with a company whose headquarters is located in Markham but I am on the payroll of its sub division in Washington DC, I will be traveling between Toronto-DC-Barbados but spending a bulk of time in Toronto rebuilding the companies infrastructure.
The question is when I come to the border should I declare Im here for a project or say I am moving here for temp status??? My primary residence will still be NJ. Now side note my fiance is also here in TO and I usually come up every month anyways should I continue saying that??? The reason why I ask is I want to bring my tv and computers up and worried about getting hit with duty...

Now 2nd question, I am getting an apartment in North York, Don Mills Road to be exact and wondering how much traffic will I hit getting upto Markham, 110 Allstate Parkway. Mapquest and Google Maps say's distance is approx 18km Travel time 16 mins. I know the DVP - 401- 404 are packed in the mornings.

Thanks in advance for your replies and looking forward of moving out the Toronto, I love it out here..