What's your theme song?

Tam, your theme song is What A Girl Wants!

Who says you're too old for slumber parties? On top of that sugar, spice and everything nice, you are the epitome of feminine, inner strength, so of course you know "What a Girl Wants." When you're with your friends on a ski vacation or a long weekend at the lake, you're on top of everything, including how to be your genuine self. That's why Christina's sweet strains beat cadence to your graceful routine. This song (external - login to view) should be cued up in your car so you can crank it to share with everyone in a two-block radius, or blast it as you and your friends cruise down the highway. Trust your instincts, girl. Some people struggle with tough choices in life, but with your inner resolve, you don't have to. You know how to make your way in the world and nothing's going to stop you because a theme song like "What a Girl Wants" reminds you that above all, you're right to believe in yourself.
This should be someone's theme song. Pretty patriotic stuff by Merle Haggard, I believe done in the Vietnam era. Hope you can download it.

www.ivf.ca/music/Haggard_The_...Side_of_Me.mp3 (external - login to view)
Forgot about this one. Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan 'One Too Many Mornings"


Lord have mercey. Johnny Cash was one sexy hunk of man in his day.
L Gilbert



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