Do you tell the truth?

View Poll Results: How do you respond to polls?
I tell the truth. 10 76.92%
I like to deceive pollsters. 1 7.69%
Depends on the topic. 1 7.69%
I don't respond to polls. 1 7.69%
Voters: 13. You may not vote on this poll

When replying to polls, do you ever blatantly lie? Do you enjoy skewing results? Is it dependant on the topic?
I dont on the most part respond to polls. I can never find my point of view. On another forum I used to run we had a brilliant young poster find the perfect solution. Add a choice called Mu it means No Opinion or I obstain
L Gilbert
Depends on the pollster and the topic. If an NDP pollster phones and polls me I lie. Same with Cons or Glibs. Greens get the truth. Market surveys get the truth.
I guess basically I guess I only lie to polls about voting.
Polls are polls. A recent poll queried teenage boys on whether they had ever intentionally sought out sex sites on the Internet. The respondents, with the permission of their parents, participated. Seems only 39% ever had. Now that is skewing!
I never lie.
I dont either. Im so absent minded I couldnt keep it all straight. But I know a few husbands that find it easier to fib than face their wives with the trueth
In polls I usually tell the truth, unless my opinion isn't represented, then I just don't answer.
I tell the truth...though I have no real explanation as to why. I
L Gilbert
Quote: Originally Posted by KreskinView Post

I never lie.

Everything I say is a lie.
ive never seen the point of lying on the internet or any anonymous situation
No ,I mean yes ,what was the question ?


of course If I don't want to answer then I just don't participate --there no use lying --
Polls are the most useless form of information gathering invented for diverse reasons...

We all love to have our input on matters which interest we vote..... and skew too and it's a hoot....

Are we always honest in our responses? Of course not..... the thrill of being anonymous is a temptation.

When people give stats based on polls... even the biggies done around election time... you are
looking at an agenda.... a response based on a necessary bias or need. I've always called polls
the "*****s" of the media...

It's like the forbidden fruit.... we all have to taste the satisfy ourselves not the pollsters.

I only lie to protect peoples feelings..telemarketers and pollsters don't even qualify as human to me,so misleading them is just a fun exercise.
To add to what Curio said, anyone who knows a thing or two can skew results by changing the wording of the question posed.

Also, I only added the last option as a joke, but there are people who generally don't respond.
hehehe i never saw that as a joke. Duh!
El Barto
I only lie when I do one thing . That is open my mouth.
Quote: Originally Posted by El BartoView Post

I only lie when I do one thing . That is open my mouth.

Thank You for the warning, Thats nice to know. *kiss*
El Barto
Too much lol

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