Roses are red, blue, yellow....


Happy Colours ... the dyed roses
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Roses are red, blue, yellow..

February 07, 2007

HERE’S the perfect rose for Valentine’s Day lovers who can’t decide which colour to pick.

Dutch flower designer Peter Van de Werken created this multi-coloured effect by injecting VEGETABLE dye into flower stalks. The pigment is absorbed and travels to the petals where it changes their hue.

These multi-coloured blooms, called ‘Happy Colours’, will be launched before February 14.

Hope you like them, petal.

Peter Seabrook: Sun Gardening Editor's verdict

DYED flowers have been around since I was a lad — and some people love them.

Traditionalists are less enthusiastic and would see them as only marginally better than plastic flowers. Purists would consider them hell on earth, but as a one-off I think they’re rather interesting.

The remarkable thing about this presentation is the way they’ve been dyed different colours like the slices of a cake.
i prefer natural flowers personally.

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