When Mom and Dad Grow Old

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Crying is a start of the grief process, but in such a process we must move on and continue living.

is grief for a parent a process..i mean, are there like stages or something?
Quality versus quantity

Ill take quality

the grieving process is 5 -8 part (in lessons ) books
below its pertaining to a loss of friend or class mate but its the basic processes

The grieving process usually consists of the following stages. Note that not everyone goes through all these stages.
Denial and Shock
At first, it may be difficult for you to accept your own dying or the death of a loved one/classmate. As a result you will deny the reality of death. However, this denial will gradually diminish as you begins to express and share your feelings about death and dying with other students or friends.
During this stage the most common question asked is "why me?". You are angry at what you perceive to be the unfairness of death and you may project and displace your anger unto others. When given some social support and respect, you will eventually become less angry and able to move into the next stage of grieving.
Many students try to bargain with some sort of diety. They probably try to bargain and offer to give up an enjoyable part of their lives in exchange for the return of health or the lost person.
You may find yourself feeling guilty for things you did or didn't do prior to the loss. Forgive yourself. Accept your humanness.
You may at first experience a sense of great loss. Mood fluctuations and feelings of isolation and withdrawal may follow. It takes time for you, the grieving student, to gradually return to your old self and become socially involved in what's going on around you.
Please note that encouragement and reassurance to the bereaved student will not be helpful in this stage.
As you go through changes in your social life because of the loss, you may feel lonely and afraid. The more you are able to reach out to others and make new friends, the more this feeling lessens.
Acceptance does not mean happiness. Instead you accept and deal with the reality of the situation. Hope
Eventually you will reach a point where remembering will be less painful and you can begin to look ahead to the future and more good times.

but in real life people stop and may never pass the first others learn to celebrate the life of a loved one

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