Fads gone by

Richard St. Pierre
It's always fun and interesting to see how styles, trends and fads change over the years of our lives and sometimes how they even try to make a comeback in our society. Everyone remembers a favourite toy, article of clothing or certain event that they grew up with. All the past material items we knew and grew up with can now only be found perhaps in an antique shop out in the country or part of a nostalgia art motif in a fancy restaurant. Here's a cool complilation of over "750" old familiar fad items that have moved out of our lives with the passing of time.
Acid washed jeans
Adding machines
Afro hair styles
Air brushed shirts
Air conditioned signs
Album covers
Aluminum Christmas trees
Alvacado kitchen appliances
Alvacado shag carpeting
American flag items
American flags on cars
Angora lined steady rings
Angora sweaters
Ant farms
Aqua net hair spray
Army draft notices
Army draft card burning
Army jackets
Art deco
Atari games
Atomic Age
Automatic record changers
Auto themed ties
Aviator glasses
Baby food glass jars
Baby moon hub caps
Baby on board stickers
Babysitting 50 cents an hour
Backyard clotheslines
Baggy jeans
Balsa wood airplanes
Banana seat bikes
Baseball card packs with gum
Batman symbol stickers
Balsa wood airplanes
Bamboo doorway beads
BB guns
Beach movies
Beaded collars
Bean bag chairs
Beanie Babies
Beatle boots
Beatle haircuts
Beavis & Butthead
Bee hive hair-do
Beer mug exercise weight
Bell bottom pants
Belt buckle worn on side
Berlin wall
Bermuda Triangle
Beta vcr recorders
Bicycles with large seats
Bicycles with metal baskets
Big bands
Big chrome cars
Big Daddy Roth monsters
Big hair bands
Big hair-do's
Big Wheels Toy
Billy Bass wall plaque
Black and white photographs
Black and white television
Blackjack chewing gum
Blacklight lamps
Blacklight posters
Black Panthers group
Bleached Hair
Bleached Jeans
Blond furniture
Blue flash bulbs
Bobby socks
Bobbing head dogs in cars
Body language
Body paint
Body suits
Bola ties
Bomb shelters
Book mobiles
Boom boxes
Borrowing a cup of sugar
Bosco chocolate drink
Bottle caps lined with cork
Bouffant Hairdo
Bowling shirts
Bozo the Clown
Bra burning
Break dancing
British invasion
British Sterling cologne
Brylcream hair gel
Bubble gum cigars
Bubble gum music
Buckled shoes
Buck Rogers
Burma Shave road signs
Butch wax
Button fly jeans
Cabbage Patch Dolls
Calculator wrist watches
Californa Raisins
Calvin Klein jeans
Campbell soup waste cans
Captain Kangaroo
Candy cigarettes
Candy necklaces
Canning food in jars
Car 54 where are you
Car hood scoops
Car hops
Car hop trays
Car hop roller skaters
Carmen Sandiego
Car pooling
Car racing decals
Car racing stripes
Cartridge ink pens
Cats eye glasses
Cats eye marbles
CB radios & language
Charlie McCarthy
Charm bracelets
Chia pets
Chocola drink
Chocolate Easter bunny
Choker necklaces
Choppers (motorcycles)
Christmas carolers
Chrome bumpers
Chrome engine enhancements
Cigar boxes for school
Cigarette advertisements
Cigarette TV commercials
Cigarette holders
Cigarette T-shirt roll-up
Clapper turn off lights device
Claw footed iron bathtubs
Cloth belts
Clothesline drying
Cold War
Collecting arrowheads
Collecting Comic books
Collecting rocks
College protesting
Combat TV shows
Comic books
Console stereo's
Console TV's
Coon skin caps
Cootie toy
Cork pop guns
Cork wall tiles
Corduroy pants
Corduroy shirts
Corner grocery store
Cozy wings
CPO jackets
Cow tipping
Crash Test Dummies
Crazy stickers
Cruisin around town
Crushed velvet furniture
Crush orange pop
Cuff links
Cuffs on pants
Cutoffs jean shorts
Cyanide filled Tylenol
Dance marathons
Dancing Baby /computer 1997
Danish furniture
Darned socks
Dashboard hula girls
Davy Crockett moccasin kits
Delorean metal cars
Dick and Jane reading books
Dick Tracy comics
Dick Tracy spy toys
Ding-ding @ gas stations
Dinner bells
Dinner triangles
Dippity do hair gel
Disco competition
Disco dancing
Disco night clubs
Dobie Gillis
Doctor house calls
Dog TV shows like "Lassie"
Donkey Kong video game
Door to Door salesmen
Doorway beads
Double knit clothing
Doublemint twins
Draft cards
Draft card burning
Dream Catchers
Dribble glasses
Drink and drown bar nights
Drive-in movies
Drive-in restaurants
Duck tails
Early American furniture
Earth shoes
Easy bake oven toy
Edsel car
Ed Sullivan Show
Eight millimeter home movies
Eight track player
Eight track tapes
Electric football
Electric lawnmowers
Electronic radio tubes
Elvis after death sightings
Encyclopedia volume sets
Erector sets
Evil Knievel
Fake fur
False eyelashes
Fanny Packs
Farrah Fawcett posters
Festival concert seating
Fiber optic lights
Fingerless gloves
Finned rear fenders
First man on the moon
Firework stands
Fishnet stockings
Five and dime stores
Flagpole sitting
Flat top haircuts
Floor cloths
Florida voters
Flower children
Flower in your hair
Flower pattern furniture
Flower power decal stickers
Flower power slogan
Flying saucer sightings Folk music
Footprint gas pedals
Ford Falcon
Ford Torino
Formica 50's table tops
45 rpm records
45 rpm record center inserts
Four pocket pool tables
Frankenstein monster movies
Freak shows at carnivals
Free love movement
Free road maps at gas stations
French Chew candy
French braids
Fringed jackets & boots
Fruit loops on back of shirts
Fruit striped gum
Funny face powdered drink
Full service gas stations
Fuzzy dice on the car mirror
Garbage Patch Kids candy
Gas pump attendants
Gas rationing
Generic canned food items
Ghost Busters
GI Joe
Gilbert chemistry sets
Girder building sets
Glass eating
Glass pack mufflers
Global warming warnings
Goatee beards
Godzilla monster movies
Granny glasses
Grateful dead following
Greasy slicked back hair
Green sculptured carpet
Grunge music
Gold fillings for teeth
Goldfish eating
Go-Go boots
Go-Go dancers in cages
Gum wrapper chains
Gummi bears
Hacky sack
Hair highlights
Hair Ironing
Hanging @ Drive-in restaurants
Hanoi Jane
Halter tops
Happy face stickers
Hard contact lenses
Hardy Boys books
Harvest gold kitchen appliances
Harvest gold shag carpeting
Hell's Angels
High school paddle swats
High school skip day
Hip huggers
Hippies and the Hippie look
High Karate cologne
Hi-fi consoles
Hi-fi records
High performance cars
Hip Hugger pants
Hollywood bombshells
Homemade rubber band guns
Homemade scooters
Home movie projectors
Home movie screens
Hood ornaments
Hot pants
Howdy Doody
Huffy Bikes
Hula dolls
Hustle dance
Ice cube trays w/handles
ID bracelets
Identical going-steady outfits
Imitation car phones
Incense burners
Incense cones & sticks
Inflatable blow-up dolls
Inflatable punching bags
Ink wells
Inner tubes in tires
Instamatic cameras
Internet cafes
Invisible ink
Izod shirts
I love Lucy TV series
Jade East cologne
Jams shorts
Jane Fonda workout video
Japanese monster movies
Jean jackets
Jeans with high heels
Jenga game
Jockey lawn ornaments
Jordache jeans
Jimi Hendrix experience
Jim Morrison (Mr. Mojo Risin)
Jitterbug dance
Johnny Carson latenight
Jujubes candy
Keeping a diary
Kick the can game
Knight Rider talking car
Knit ties
Kookie lend me your comb
Kurt Cobain following
Large whitewall tires
Lassie the dog TV shows
Lava lamps
Lawn darts (Jarts)
Lazer Tag games
Lead base paints
Leaded gasoline
Leather bracelets
Leather football helmets
Leather vests
Leg warmers
Leisure suits
Lemonade stands
Letter sweaters
Letting it all hang out
Life savers Wint-O-Green
Lincoln Logs
Linoleum roll up flooring
Liquid crystal display watches
Liquid light shows
Liquor commercials
Lone Ranger
Long hair
Long sideburns
Love beads
LP albums
LSD hallucination drugs
Lucky rabbit's foot
Lucky strikes
Lumberjack jackets
Lunch boxes
Macrame plant hangers
Made in Japan stickers
Mag wheels on cars
Magic eight balls
Marilyn Monroe posters
Mars attacks cards
Mash 1983 last TV ending
Matchbook advertisements
Matchbook Cars collecting
Matchbook draw me art
Maynard G. Krebs
Max Headroom
Maxwell Smart TV actor
Mechanical calculators
Meditation with Yoga
Mediterranean furniture
Metal garbage cans
Metal ice cube trays
Metal kitchen cabinets
Metal lunch boxes
Metal service station toys
Metal skates
Mexican jumping beans
Miami Vice fashion
Micro buses
Milk duds
Mimiograph machines
Mini bikes
Mini buses (volkswagon)
Mini, Midi & Maxi dresses
Moccasin boots
Mohawk haircuts
Monogrammed sweaters
Monster Mash
Monster movies
Monster trucks
Mood clothing
Mood nail polish
Mood panties
Mood rings
Moon human exploration
Mother Goose
Motorcycle jackets w/colors
Mouse Trap game
Movie matinees
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. T
Mud flaps
Mud wrestling
Mumbly peg knife game
Muscle cars
Mustache wax
Nehi and a Moonpie
Nehru shirts
Nerf items
Newsreels before movies
New Wave music
Ninja Turtles
Nintendo entertainment ctr
No seat belts in cars
Nose rings
Old Hires root beer
Oscillating fans
Ouija board
Ovaltine chocolate drink
Overpasses without fences
Ozzie & Harriet
Packard car
Pac-man video games
Paddle swats in school
Painted hippie buses
Paisley shirts
Pajama parties
Panty raids
Patent leather shoes
Paper weights
Patriotic shirts post 9/11
Pay Toilets
Peace symbols
Pea shooters
Pedal toy cars
Pencil behind ear
Penny loafers w/ pennies
Personalized T-shirt words
Peter Max posters
Pez candy dispensers
P.F. Flyers
Piercings on the body
Pinball w/rotary dial scores
Pin-up Art and Artists
Plaid jackets
Plaid pants
Platform shoes
Pleated skirts
Pet rocks
Platform shoes
Playboy clubs
Pocket Bikes
Pocket knife mumbly peg
Pocket protectors w/pens Pocket watches
Pointy shoes
Pokemon cards
Polka dot clothing
Polka dot Men's Ties
Polly Pocket dolls
Poloroid camera w/bellows
Polyester clothing
Pony tails for men
Poodle dresses
Pop bottle refunds
Pop can openers
Pop cans without tabs
Pop guns
Pop machines with glass bottles
Power lunches
Power Rangers
Power ties
Preppy look
Press on nails fashion
Princess telephones
Psychedelic dance parties
Psychedelic items
Pub crawls
Pup tents
Puka shells
Push button gear shift (Plymouth)
Push lawn mowers
Pyramid power
Race riots
Radio tube testers
Rat Fink models
Razor scooters
Real skinny ties
Real wide ties
Recap tires
Record albums
Record changers
Record hops
Record needles
Red lipstick
Regular gasoline
Returnable pop bottles
Roach clips with feathers
Rockem Sockem Robots
Rocking horses
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Roll caps
Rolled-up jeans
Roller derbys
Roller Disco
Roller skate keys
Roller skating
Roll your own cigarettes
Rotary dial telephones
Rubik's Cube
Rugby shirts
Saddle shoes
Satin jackets
Scarves worn on the head
78 rpm records
Sea monkeys
Sears catalog mistake
Sears motorcycles
Secret agent toys
Selective Service
Sen-Sen breath mints
Shadow puppets @ Drive-in
Shag carpeting
Shag carpeting plastic rakes
Sharkskin suits for men
S&H green stamps
Shoe taps
Shooting marbles
Shoulder pads
Side ponytails
Silly Putty
Sit-in demonstrations
Sixteen millimeter home movies
Skateboards (homemade)
Skinny ties
Ski sweaters
Slang language
Slide rules
Slogan buttons
Slot cars
Smile pin on buttons
Smiley faces decals
Smoking in public places
Soap box derby's
Soap boxes with towels
Soap on a rope
Soap whittling
Soccer Moms
Sock hops
Soda fountains
Sonic booms
Soupy sales
Soviet Union
Space race
Speak Easys
Speed limit of 70 MPH
Spiked hair
Stamp collecting
Stand up collars
Starter jackets
Station wagons
Steam locomotives
Stereo consoles
Stock ticker machines
Stick ball
Stick shifts on cars
Stiletto heels
Stirrup pants
Streaking naked in public
Street drag racing
String Art
Strobe lights
Studded snow tires
Subliminal advertisements
Sugar Babies candy
Suit and ties for work
Super ball
Super Soakers
Surf music
Swag lamps
Swatch watches
Swimming holes
Swimming nude at the YMCA
Switchblade knives
Tabletop juke boxes
Taco Bell commercial dog
Tae-Bo exercise craze
Talking to house plants
Tandem bikes
Tap dancing
Tarzan shows
Teased up hair
Telephone booth stuffing
Telephone party lines
Telephone prefix words
Teletubbies TV characters
Ten-four good buddy
Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles
The "Fonz"
The Honeymooners TV show
The Macarena dance craze
The preppy look
The twist dance
Three D movies
Three martini lunch
Three piece suits
Three point 2% beer
Three Stooges
Thumb Wrestling
Tickle Me Elmo craze
Tie clasps
Tie-dye T-shirts
Tie stick pins
Tie stores
Tiki necklaces
Timex keeps on ticking
Tiny Tim
Tire snow chains
Toes in socks
Toga parties
Top Value trading stamps
Train stations
Train trestles
Transformer toys
Transistor radios
Trench coats
Trivial pursuit game
Troll dolls
True love magazines
Tube tops
Tumble bug toy
Turtle neck dickeys
TV consoles
TV evangelist Jim&Tammy Bakker
TV rabbit ears
TV test patterns
TV national Anthem sign off
Twilight Zone
Twister game
Two piece men's bathing suits
Typist jobs
UFO sightings
Ultra Man action series
Uncle Sam wants you!
Upturned collars
Valley girls
Velvet paintings
Velour pants
Velour shirts
Vested leisure suits
Video Arcades
Vietnam War
Virtual reality
V05 hair grease
Wallet condom rings
Wallet chains
Walter Cronkite news report
Wash tub wringers
Bottle caps lined with cork
Wassup! the Budweiser Ad
Watch rings
Water pressure rockets
Water served in restaurants
Waxed lips candy
Wearing caps backwards
Webbed lawn furniture
Western TV shows
Where's the Beef?
White belts
White bucks
White lipstick
White shoes
White ties
White tuxedos
White wall tires
Wholesome family TV shows
Wide collars
Wide lapels
Wide seat bicycles
Wide ties
Wind-up to start lawnmowers
Wing tipped shoes
Women's bat-wing eyeglasses
Women's Lib
Wooden cigar store Indian
Wooden dominoes
Wooden nickels
Wooden necklaces
Wooden toy building blocks
Wooden train cars and track
Wood sided cars
Woodstock festival
World Fairs
Y2K computer scare
Yellow ribbon around oak tree
Zippo lighters
Zodiac merchandise
Zoot suits
Sanctus.... lol...... good list.... I didn't see "sideburns"....may be under another description...
Quote: Originally Posted by CuriosityView Post

Sanctus.... lol...... good list.... I didn't see "sideburns"....may be under another description...

Funny thing, makes me feel really old since I remember most of the stuff this man has on his list
Pet Rocks

New Wave helped put Disco out of its misery, so I'd hardly call it a fad.
Sideburns are always in fashion. Why, I've had mine since 1962!
Acupuncture is also used still, my physiotherapist used it on my arm. Heh, I still remember my first visit vividly, this stunning 6 foot blonde from South Africa, she told me we'd start with deep tissue massage. Boy oh boy my enthusiasm was misplaced!
Quote: Originally Posted by CuriosityView Post

Sanctus.... lol...... good list.... I didn't see "sideburns"....may be under another description...

I thought they were 'in' again.?
Acupuncture..... i think this passed out of the 'fad' phase when physiotherapists picked it up. I no longer walk with a cane thanks to deep tissue acupuncture (oh my gawd is that painful!)

Angora lined steady rings .... anyone care to explain to me what this is?

Army jackets .. have you met any of my pot head friends? *LOL*

Backyard clotheslines... you'll start seeing more and more of these I'm sure.

Bleached Hair... I'd take bleached hair back any day instead of what women bleach now... ugh.

Borrowing a cup of sugar .... that all depends on the neighborhood... stuff gets borrowed where I live all the time. An egg here, some sugar there, baking soda. We can't just run to town if you find your recipe is missing something. I like it.

Cabbage Patch Dolls... have you met any little girls lately? LOL

Calculator wrist watches .... this should read watches in general. i have a relate who is a designer for Timex in the US... they are suffering bigtime since the advent of the cell phone.

Hair Ironing.... boy oh boy men don't follow women's habits at all. flat irons are everywhere, have been for a few years. Sure, we don't lie down on the ironing board like my mom's generation, but we stil iron it!

Okay... no time to comment on all the rest.... I actually have to have a life today, not like my last few days. *sigh*
Quote: Originally Posted by ToningtonView Post

Acupuncture is also used still, my physiotherapist used it on my arm. Heh, I still remember my first visit vividly, this stunning 6 foot blonde from South Africa, she told me we'd start with deep tissue massage. Boy oh boy my enthusiasm was misplaced!

Ya. Wrong deep. Wrong tissue. HaHa!
And very painful!
there were loads of things on that list which are so still in.

Another great cut-and-paste though, and congrats u didnt mention the bible once.
I think we will soon be able to add those hilarious "upside down" Christmas trees to the fads gone by list. And pity (laugh at??) the suckers who spend good money on such an item only to throw it in the trash two or three seasons later.
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Quote: Originally Posted by ToningtonView Post

Acupuncture is also used still, my physiotherapist used it on my arm. Heh, I still remember my first visit vividly, this stunning 6 foot blonde from South Africa, she told me we'd start with deep tissue massage. Boy oh boy my enthusiasm was misplaced!

I have an odd sense of dejavu.... when I was at my first physio appointment with my hunky south african therapist, the first thing he said is, "take your pants down and lie on the table"... I didn't enjoy anything that happened after that nearly as much as a good sense of imagination would think i did.

When I phoned to comment to my mom how embarassing the whole situation was, and how painful the needles were, her pervy little comment?

"Not the sort of prick you had in mind hey?"
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