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London gets touch up

December 29, 2006

HERE'S a sight you don't see everyday - Star Trek's USS Enterprise materialising from the centre of the London Eye.

This wacky image is one of many modified pictures submitted to website the Londonist, which has challenged users to create "touched up" versions of some of London's famous landmarks.

St Paul's Cathedral rockets into the sky leaving a trail of fire and HOLY smoke in its path.

BOT a sight - a robot with the head of London's Gherkin skyscraper stumbles through the city.

And the wobbly Millennium Bridge becomes the backdrop to artist Edvard Munch's iconic figure in The Scream.

Some of London's most famous sights are spliced together to make a giant insect.

And in our last picture, brightly coloured insects threaten to take over the world and have their revenge on the city.
More crazy pictures from Londonist:

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