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Zeitgeist Spirit
Not to sure where to post this, but have a general question about passports. Im interested in applying for one but wonder if a person can be refused a passport if they owe taxes? (i.e.. in rears with revenue canada. ) While I'm paying it off slowly, I would think that it would not exclude me from getting a passport? Anybody have any insights?
If you go to the link it explains the rules and regulations for applying for a passport and the conditions under which a passport may be refused.

Check out section 9. (external - login to view)

By the way welcome to the forum.
Zeitgeist Spirit
Thanks for the link Dalreg.

I guess under section 9f, " is indebted to the Crown for expenses related to repatriation to Canada or for other consular financial assistance provided abroad at his request by the Government of Canada"

I'll interpret it as you can only be refused a passport if you owe the Canadian Gov't money for bailing you out of a situation abroad. I guess if you are in debt with the Foreign Affairs department only. That's how I interpret it.
That was my take on it too.

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