What I want for Christmas is ....

OK Canadian Contenters..... what do you really want for Christmas?

Have you put in a request?

Are you happy with any gift?

Do you like surprises?

Do you not expect too much and will be happy having a happy day....

Personally, I think gifts are mainly for children but I like surprising some of my friends and family with things they would never get for themselves - sometimes fun.... sometimes serious....

This year my neighbors and I suffered seven power outages due fires etc., so I got everyone those lights that don't use batteries - you have to wind them up and one wind usually lasts a couple of hours..... and believe me .... we will use them..... I'm keeping mine right by the phone in the kitchen so I'll know where it is.

I think I like home baked cookies the best tho....
I've already opened my Christmas presents (it's the only real advantage to living so far away from my family). I was very happy with them because they were things I would have definitely picked for myself. I got some nice scented candles, some great moisturizer cream (nurses have DRY hands!), some bath bombs, a Christmas CD and a James Bond DVD set.

I'll be working for the holidays, so I am just hoping for a nice shift for everybody. Families are usually extra sweet that day so unless the babies misbehave it's usually a nice time. I will be wearing my light up reindeer antlers at work like I do every year and spreading as much holiday cheer as possible. We'll also be having fun making Christmas presents for the parents "from" their babies. Last year we did pics of the babies in their Christmas stockings. I think this year we're doing Christmas cards with the babies handprints and footprints in them, along with personalized notes to mom and dad like "I promise to be big and healthy next year so we can spend Christmas at home" or "Tell Santa I was good this year even though I insisted on arriving early"... As long as I get my babies' cards done by shift change at 7am December 25th I'll be happy
I know it sounds sappy but I want someone to feel better off for Christmas...
I, my wife and kids really have more then we need, yep the presents are nice but I am more excited about the chickens we bought thru world vision, the stove we bought for a family in Guatemala and the cookies we are baking to take to the hospital on Christmas day for the poor nurses and doctors who work that day..

I am NOT holier then thou..nor am I trying to sound that way.....but maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store..maybe Christmas , perhaps means a little bit more....

Please don't apologize for the lovely ideas you and your family have over Christmas - I sneak a few financial gifts to people who I know would put the money to good use - like a grandmother with arthritis
who could use a heating blanket and her daughter didn't have enough money - so I slipped it to her for
nana this year.....there is always someone and I don't even have to go looking....things just come up in conversation over the autumn months....and I get a little list going.

A few years back I started serving dinners on Christmas day at the local mission center....and thought I was being lady bountiful.....that lasted about ten minutes when I found out how much I enjoyed the first shift and stayed on long after I could have gone home.... people actually hurry to get their names in for the shifts each year and they still work out their own family dinners, etc.

I love the people I meet there - some returnees - some new ..and always telling me stories I could never find in a book.....that's my gift I give to myself each year. I would feel lost without it because I come away knowing how fortunate I am and that a comfortable life in terms of assets doesn't make a person at all.....it's what a person carries inside....

When my husband used to visit with me, there were many veterans there and he got so many guys talking about their experiences I wish I could have recorded them....but that would be breaking the rules.
I don't want anything for Christmas, I rather family and friends donate to those who need help than give me yet more "Stuff". I have enough stuff.

Bill you old sap you, I also donated a "Goat" to a family. I'd rather give than receive, I adopted two families and I ordered three organic Turkeys to be donated to the Salavation Army. Here are a few ideas that don't cost very much but mean the world to those in need: Donate socks to a homeless shelter, hat and mittens are a common donation but on a cold wet day a dry pair of dry socks can be a god send (if you have a good used coat why not donate it). Tim Horton gift certificates are also welcome donations to street people or the homeless. Drop off some of your good used clothing to a Women's shelter, and if you can a few wrapped toys for the children. Old blankets, give them to the SPCA so the dogs and cats have a warm soft blanket, and don't forget a box of treats for these discarded pets.

Curio, I love the wind up light idea.

Tracy for your dry hands have you ever tried a product called: Naturally Nancy, it's made in NS and it's fabulous on dry skin. It's an all natural product made from Beeswax, mineral oil, borax, water.
Thanks Curio and Sassy...some new ideas!!

Utter cream is great for hands....Shania twain puts it on her face!!

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas..in the real Christian way and Peace be with you all.
I told my family and friends not to provide me with any gifts this year. Reason is I'm moving soon and I am very limited to what I will be taking. In fact I am actually giving much more than usual, as all my electronics and house hold furnishings will be given away to family and friends along with the regular gift giving. With whatever is left going to goodwill.
A gift certificate from Canadian Tire. Lots of toys for big girls and boys there.
L Gilbert
A large LCD monitor.
Enough........just enough. For every man woman and child, every country, political structure and religious culture I want just enough.......that truely would be Peace on earth.
Maybe enough hours at work to pay my bills - that'd be an excellent christmas gift.

And of course, a good book to read till the new year.

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