Even Six Imams Aren't This Awful

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No snakes - but 80 rats loose on a plane

Riyadh (dpa) - Passengers on an evening Saudi Airlines flight got a nasty surprise in the form of 80 rats roaming freely around their plane, reports said Friday.

The 80 rats were on the loose on the plane Wednesday evening after eating their way out through a leather bag where they were kept, according to the Saudi Arab News newspaper.

Flight 1563 was at a height of 25,000 feet on its way to Tabuk when passengers discovered that countless rats were wandering around the plane.

The captain called ground control at Tabuk airport and told them about the infestation.

Airport officials discovered that the had rats belonged to a passenger who kept them in a leather bag.

The passenger was arrested by security for questioning.

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I found mouse crap on my desk yesterday morning.
LOL Said1 when I first read your post I thought you said Moose crap, tired peepers tonight. Curio, that story is just creepy. I would of freaked out like a mad women, what the hell was he doing with a case of rats? Bringing the Bubonic plaque to another country, creepy stuff.
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