Message On The Answering Machine

HERE'S an important item for discussion, which, I believe, heretofore, has been tragically omitted from CC:, i.e.::::What is the message you have on your telephone answering thingy?? hot hot!!

Is it something mundane like; "Hi, you've reached George and Susy, we can't take your message at the moment, but leave a bla bla bla.................", or is it something more original???


sure they do.

Anyhow, since it was MY (read MY) idea, I get to go first...............ha ha.

Ours is as follows:

"Hello and good day to you. There is presently no one home to take your call right now, except Nigel and Cedric, the Bullmastiff twins. So, if you wish to take a run at the Rolex, feel free to have a go. We shall return about noonish to clean up the blood and viserca. Ta Ta."

See.............simple, yet to the point.

So, let's see yours...............messages that is. Don't be shy.

On my business cell phone it's...

Ya ya ya, you've reached Bear at Bear Steel, I'm either busy or really busy, so leave all the particulars at the tone.

My office one is a little more professional, but usely if you have my cell number, you've met me so you'ld get the jist of of my gest.

At home, we used to have...

Send help!!! The kids have rebelled and taken us captive. Leave your info if you want, but we may not be able to return your call for sometime. We are presently negotiating or freedom.

Untill our neighbour came rushing over to actually help.

Now it's...

Dear Gawd, could you have called at a worse time. The dogs running around the neighbourhood, Moms asleep, Dad's packing his bags, I'm in total control, well I will be, once I get my little brother in the dogs kennel. Anyways, leave a messege if you must, but I doubt anyone will return it. I gotta order pizza with Mom's credit card, then go shopping on ebay. TTFN.
What I like are the ones that say "leave you name and number, and we'll get back to you". Unfortunately, people don't necessarily get back to you, so when you leave a message like this, you're lying. Our message says to leave you name, number, and a message. It specifically does NOT say that we'll get back to you, because why would you commit to returning a call from a telemarketer? Don't say you'll do something if you have no intention of doing it.
First we say "hello?" then pause so the person starts to talk. Then we laugh and say "oh! you thought this was us in person! Ha ha... talk to the machine." beeeeeeeeep.
Mine used to say:

This is Tam, Im not home right now but Please leave your name and number and I'll return your call. And if this is England? You know I Love You, BITS.

But the chances of someone from there calling is getting greater LOL so I changed it.

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