There are advantages to being ugly.

Although not being from that sub-set I can't imagine what they are.
Perhaps some of you can explain....
Some of us wish they were only ugly. I strive for ugly. i am in fact a monster. A hideous misshapen monster with an asymmatrical bulbous nose always partially occluded by thin mucous membranes . I have two large flappy ears studded with nodules and pustules. My teeth if they can be called that are saw shaped tapering to a point--and festering--the rotting rat flesh wedged between them stenching of abcesses. my forehead is v shaped--somewhat hydrocephalic and i also have hypotelorism--my pink eyes are barely 1 cm apart. I also dribble and snort as i speak---a plume of saliva is costantly forming on the corner of my lip and dripping down my cheek--unless I chuckle in which case Ill spray your face. I only have a few hairs left---most of it has been ravaged by tinea species---fungus that is---I mean deep dermatophytes burrowing into the subcutaneaous tissues. But despite all this life has been pretty good to me. Given that my intellect is so over developed--I have acquired huge amounts of cash that allow me to buy all the friends ill ever hhave any use for.
Having a weak lower jaw and bad teeth with thinning hair and bad posture I compensate for by being well read, well spoken, well educated, well employed and well hung. Hideous from neck up and a god from neck down.
Let me know what my perks are.
a handsome prince charming I ain't but at least my feet are on the ground

I don't think there are any really ugly people in the world. There are only attractive and unattractive people, but this is very subjective.
Not needing a mask for halloween is just one of the many advantages of being ugly. My fave one is not being crowded in on the bus..people always seem to respect my personal space.
Ah grasshopper: "Confused us say:"
There is ugly of soul, and ugly of body.
Ugly of body is like a caterpillar
Forever trapped
In a carapace of yellow or green
Cannot be hidden.
Ugly of soul
Can trick
Into believing there is beauty of soul.

Ugly of soul is like
Ted Bundy
George W Bush
Adolph Hitler
Pol Pot

Ugly of body is like
............poor ugly puppy
.......ugly monkey
...........self explanatory.
............ugly piggy?
............ugly greeting guy
................ugly swimmer
...........ugly word guy

Lots of ugly in bodies.
Some more f####d up than others.

Some OLD


With runny noses and eyes.

Eyeballs hanging on cheeks.

Scabby skin.

Inside is beauty:

(You believe that, I got a bridge I'll sell ya)

Perks for being ugly.
1. Not likely to pick up a demented stalker
2. Not likely to be harassed by paparazzi
3. Not likely to be incesstantly hit on while trying to enjoy a night out with friends
4. Your enemies are likely to underestimate you
5. Those who hang with you are true friends not hangerons
6. A loved one is there because they love you not cause you look good on their arm
7. Elbow room on the bus/subway
L Gilbert
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I don't believe there is such a thing as an ugly person on the outside, it exist on the inside. Some of the most beautful people in the world are very ugly on the inside (Paris Hilton for one). Bravo to those whom see themselves as ugly but frankly you seem purdy purdy to moi.
Dexter Sinister
There are advantages to being ugly? Hard to tell from the OP whether that means physically or spiritually, or both, but my immediate reaction to that statement is, okay, name three unequivocal advantages to being ugly, in any sense.

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